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Umm... I don't fully understand this religious view...
Wouldn't Not-religious fall under Atheism or Agnostic or something? The only thing I can be sure of in the religion is that you don't believe in God, so that's why I would assume those two.

Or does this mean that you don't care about religion and you have no contributions to make in a religious discussion? An answer would be appreciated, thank you!

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There is a difference between religions and just believes. A religion contains rituals of some sort. It is structured, there are dos and don'ts, there is often a religious leader, things like that.

I could be believing in a god without being religious. I could just do with my live what I always do, just with the thought: "Yes, there should be a god, isn't that fine." But without believing I would have the need to worship him in some way.

I am an atheist though but I choose 'Not religious' because objectively I am well aware of the fact that I could never disprove the existence of a god in some way or the other. An atheist, a really convinced atheist, is almost religious, he most certainly doesn't have rituals (even though that would be funny to imagine) but somebody who strongly rejects the possibility of a god could also have the ritual of 'not going to church on sunday', in a way of speaking. I for example just don't care.