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Coryn 17 United States PhlegmaticSanguine INTJ 972 10C
RPG are good,I love how exiting it is to try and find a character who resembles you.I love the way the stories unfold.A very,very good example of this is all of the Mardek chapters.Great work,Psuedo!Your games are better than most MMORPGs,I dare say!

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timtoborne 20 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic ENTP 512 186C
I like RPGs, cause of all the story, music, characters as well as their background; basically, I love all the little things that people don't always appreciate.

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Maximilian305 22 Israel MelancholicPhlegmatic ISTJ 9w1 7C
I personally really like Rpgs in fact most of the games i play are Rpg.

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Swordoath 19 United States CholericPhlegmatic INFP 4w5 128C
I like RPGs because they often have long adventures leading up to the boss or whatever.

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One thing I like most of the RPGs, its the way it tests your strategy skills, you must evaluate the status of your current team, choose an appropiate equipment to make a powerful team, find solutions for any kind of puzzles, and so on.

There are many famous RPGs, one of them is final fantasy, because of their diverse worlds, original stories and a unique gameplay, that makes final fantasy one of the best RPGs series, I think the best of them all is final fantasy VI, because it shows the best gameplay and a really interesting story, let's hope they do a remake of this game, because its a really awesome game.

Another great game is chrono trigger since its story is based on time-travelling, A very unique concept done in a RPG. You can travel to the past, and even to the future, depending on what decisions you make through the game, you can also change the ending, and that makes a high replay-value of the game.

I hope they make more RPGs with original stories, and especially a unique gameplay, that's what RPGs are made of after all.