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To me, my life is not any more boring than the average person's life - even though I have few hobbies, I don't need to struggle to find something to spend my time doing. I don't think I am bored more often than others. So, I suppose that I do not consider myself boring. However, I believe I can be very boring to a casual observer. I am usually quite reserved around people I don't know well enough to relax around them. I have an unfortunate tendency to be unnecessarily secretive about what I like or what do in my spare time - I suppose that is a product of my particular brand of shyness which makes sharing anything I consider personal information, such as my taste in music, uncomfortable to me, and living last three years with more or less perfect privacy, which has made me used to not having to share such things. My reluctance to share anything that would make me stand out, combined with my interests mostly not being very exotic, probably make me an extraordinarily dull person in the eyes of someone who doesn't know me well. And since I am secretive and not very social, getting to know me might take some effort.

Regardless, I am not an outcast - I believe I am in a fairly positive relationship with most of the people of my class, and I don't think anybody particularly dislikes me. I would say I am fairly nice and I do have a sense of humor, so getting along with me is not that difficult, perhaps. However, because I am uninteresting, boring, I have few actual friends.

EDIT: Oops, this post was supposed to be written as a response to DarthKitty's.

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I'm curious: Do you guys believe that you're boring, or do you believe that other people see you as being boring? Or, perhaps, do you believe that the two are one and the same?