Word - Mania

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6 years ago.

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There can be only one β Mania on this block! There is not enough space for two Manias on this turf! The laws of Ecology show that this ecosystem has but the capacity for a single Mania! And it shall be me! I challenge you to the ancient secret battle... A β Mania-a-β Mania face-off!

Engarde, foulest of frivolous fabrications, fidgety figment of a fully fallacious fool! Feel my fantastic ferocity, fear my frazzling β Mania-Fu!!

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Mania, if there is anyone who is allowed to duel you in a ancient battle of wits and bravery, it should be moi, the sole victim of your relentless power craze. This spineless imposter has no quarrel with you, but I have all the quarrel.

Now, I shall be the infintely better man and allow you to chose our method of battle. Will it be the traditional way, with swords of bravery and minds of warriors? Will our battles leave out unnecessary bloodshed in exchange for a riveting game of wits? Or will we throw all that predictable stuff out and fight with Pseudo Plushies?

You call, friend.