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I don't usually cling to archetypes/symbols of the Zodiac to easily to explain certain things, but I feel this is a trait most common among the Gemini, or twins. Like the dichotomy between siblings, our minds can be split or divided at times, creating the paradoxes describing our nature.

If one does not follow this explanation involving the Zodiac, I guess this paradoxical mentality is present to those who are maybe too aware of opposing sides to many different arguments that happen in the world. Those of our persuasion have it hard when it comes to following a side, since following a side would mean not following another, equally valid side.

There is something rather strange about this mentality, and something that reveals certain things that are uncommon to those who follow sides, who have minds that do not defeat themselves...

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Ah yes, Paradoxes, they are always so interesting, and yet, sometimes they are strangely dull. I have modeled my handle after this trait, for it is one I feel I embody with an appropriate amount of self-confusion. As we of the Paradoxical persuasion well know, paradoxes are so unpredictable, but somehow easily identified. We counteract our nature, not because we want to, but because we find ourselves so torn between the complexities of our own minds. While we may present ourselves as exceptionally clever or foolish, when actually our actions tend to embody the opposite persuasion. Our passive minds may turn aggressive unexpectedly, or our excitable natures may be calmed by the strangest of catalysistis. We may allow our life and home to fall into complete disarray, but be neurotically neat with our work or studies. There are so many other paradoxes we might embody, we need not understand these contradictory points of our own nature, we merely need realize that they are there, and that for paradoxical people, there is always more to learn about your own mind and mannerisms.