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Or maybe the strange "Chick-fil-A sauce". Which, when your read the ingredients, is soybean oil, sugar, and BARBEQUE SAUCE!
Essentially, it's a sweeter, unhealthier bbq sauce. And I love it.

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......What kind?

Kansas City sauce, with its hint of sweetness from molasses?
Texas sauce, which has its tomato base?
Appalachian/North Carolina/Southeast, having a vinegar base which has more bite to it?
Other? All of the above? All of the above at the same time (which is actually pretty good)?! I must know!

(also if the meat's good enough you don't need sauce, but that's another discussion for another time :P)

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One of the reasons living in Kansas City is so great is the barbecue. Oklahoma Joe's is probably my favorite at the moment; granted, I haven't visited too many other places. ;-;
As far as sauce goes, in Memphis, Tennessee, there is a chain called Corky's. I ate there once while on a vacation, and my parents bought an entire case (12 bottles) of their Apple Barbecue Sauce. It was AMAZING. (Needless to say, it lasted for a while.) I'd sure like to visit some of the other barbecue joints in KC. Maybe that will be my goal, for, um, something. Yeah.