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Wow, long commentaries everywhere, those people really like writing...

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M β DeNovo 30 United States MelancholicSanguine INTP 5w4 69C
As of the time of this writing, I have written a few nonfictional essays, a few semifictional essays, some 4,000 words of a NaNoWriMo attempt, probably hundreds of poems of varying length (including three incomplete poems that are all tracking to be at least 120+ lines... o_o), at least four short stories, an uncountable number of shorter-than-stories, and more paragraphs of would-be stories than I will ever be able to keep track of!

To me, writing is more like an addiction--I like to channel my frustrations and depressions into rhyming couplets, or catching turns of phrase. I'm one of those suckers who will sit around for tens of minutes until dramatically whispering the word I was looking for, and then basking in the beauty of the line I've just written. I write because it feels right, because I like the way English can sound, because I have ideas that keep me up in the middle of the night and refuse to settle down until they're written down. In my more leisurely periods of life I would write obsessively, incessantly, and irrepressibly, without any thought to editing or rewriting after the fact.

It's fun. It's therapeutic. It's one of the best feelings in the world when I can look at something, and then think "wow, I wrote that." It's nice.

Above all, of course, I write to communicate. Then, and now, I often wrote plainly and simply, trying to convey how I felt as poignantly as possible. As I honed my craft I eventually began to notice how it was possible to use the right words to say the wrong things, in just the right places, and slowly developed the layered representations I shoot for today. I used to let loose a string of pretty-sounding phrases based on some emotion, driven only by the thrill of having another pretty-sounding phrase surface in my mind. These days, though, the vast majority of things I'm working on are based on my experiences, and carefully woven into stories which are just as much about me as they are about the world.

...I could go on and on about how I feel about writing...! Maybe another time. :D

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Well, there are two reasons why I write:

1) Get my psychological issues in order. Everyone has them, and I write to address mine. It's kind of hard to explain, but the writing sort of sorts them out for me. I tend to like the works I've written for such reasons better than the works I write because

2) Explore some philosophical concept or other. I think fiction's a great way to do this since it allows you to explore certain situations in which a philosophy could be applied. If that's not your style, you can still give more formal arguments for something by giving certain characters certain positions on the issue. Most of the time, I don't have much an opinion on the issue when I start writing, so it's interesting for me to see how I handle the work. I do feel like the things I write for this reason feel a bit more mechanical and less emotional than my other works, which isn't always a bad thing. I just prefer writing for the other reason.

I actually write scripts instead of narrative format, mostly since I'm a graphic novel addict. I do want to get my works published, but since I can't draw, I'm at something of a disadvantage :O

I'm not sure if I want to write professionally or maybe just do it as an aside - I do seem to view it more as a hobby than a way of life.

I would be up for exchanging works in order to give and receive feedback. If you're interested, just p.m. me and I'll send you something.

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I suppose I shall answer my own questions— I guess I write mainly because it is fun to explore hypotheticals, and put value into the ideas I create so that other people would care about them too. There's also a component of me wanting to represent my own emotions through my characters' corresponding emotions.

I mostly write short stories; I think as of now I'm unsuited to longer fiction since I'm not quite confident in my ability to characterize over long periods of time, and work out more complex plots and such, although I do sort of aspire there. I have a liking for strange but character-driven stories, and often but not always work with science fiction and fantasy. In terms of style, I love formal styles! Nineteenth-century prose appeals to me a lot.

Saybaar said:
I would definitely be interested to hear how other people view the -purpose- of their writing. Like I said, for me, stories are a lens that helps me make the world relevant, and they're so intertwined with my mental identity that it's impossible to imagine what I would be like without them.

I found that a really good question. I guess it's an exercise of the imagination for me. At the same time, I like to see life as something pretty, like a story, in that after a bad experience I can find consolation in that it was an experience at all and therefore contributes to life, or that it fit in with me as a character or that it would have at least made a good story. I suppose writing helps me develop that sense and observe myself and other things in a more beauty-oriented way.

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Eventua 25 United Kingdom SanguineMelancholic ENFP 2w1 106C
I have written or told stories ever since I was very small: it is something I intensely enjoy, and of my few creative hobbies it is definitely the one which I practice the most and, if I do say so myself, is probably the one I'm best at. In fact, I've managed to get one very short piece of flash fiction published in a collection, and will soon be getting another short story published on the internet via Amazon's Kindle service/system/software/device.

Ultimately, I would like to actually make a living from my writing (though of course, most people would say the same) and am taking definite steps to reach that (like joining a Writing Squad and getting my work critiqued, trying to publish it online, making plans that will allow me to get by on less cash even if it means sacrificing a few material comforts etc.)

However, for obvious reasons this isn't massively practical, and so I've not tried taking a specialised writing course at college, for example: instead I'm studying Business, which, while much less interesting, does have some useful applications, even in writing fiction...

Anyhow, uh, that's enough about me and all! I really ought to stop procrastinating!

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Saybaar 24 United States MelancholicCholeric INTP 541 92C
I don't actually write very much in the sense of putting words down on paper (or computer screen). I would phrase it more like "making stories", but "writing" is nearly the same thing and is much less awkward. There's one story in particular that's been developing in my head since sixth grade and has functioned, really, as a mechanism to internalize things I learn - to integrate subjects I like and make interesting ones more relevant to me. I like Latin class? Characters speak Latin. Physics is awesome? Magic system is based on mathematical energy transfer. It's this big...thing that integrates history and philosophy and religion and basically anything else academic that I'm interested in. For that reason, it's changed so much since sixth grade as to be completely unrecognizable, and looking back through old notes and things is pretty interesting to see how much I've changed as well.

A couple years ago, another story kind of sprang up on me unexpectedly and said "PAY ATTENTION TO ME", which was surprising since the other one had served me just fine for years. Looking back on it, I think that was because this one has more to do with emotion and feeling and the other one has more to do with intellect and learning, and I was going through a relatively emotional-turmoil-filled period then. And then somehow this story split into two branches, one of which is a thoroughly silly massive crossover about shapeshifting high school students and one of which is an overly political LotR fanfiction about orcs.

And I don't actually -write- either of them much. Part of that is because I'm focused on characters and concepts but not at all on plot, so I have these situations and backstories and characters and a vague idea of what happens to them, but nothing I could make a coherent narrative out of. I have done NaNoWriMo for the past three years (anyone else?), but that never resulted in much plot-resolving, partly because I only got to 50,000 words once. Most of my actual writing is fluffy and slashy character-driven scenes for my easily amused friends (yes, they ship my characters; yes, it is disturbing; yes, I'm whoring out my creativity here, but it's so much fun to make them happy). I do find dialogue and such things very easy to write, probably because I spend so much time on the characters. But I just don't write, most of the time, and the stories end up as these massive collective ideas and collections of random bits of drawing and writing and associations rather than something even readable, let alone publishable. Unlike most other people, I don't write a lot of stories - I tend to get extremely absorbed in just a few to the point that they become integral to my life. I would like to write more in order to challenge myself and improve my writing abilities, so we shall see how well I do with that.

And lastly, about influences - I grew up devouring books, so there are probably many that I've forgotten completely. My education and especially history and philosophy are huge influences, of course, but in terms of actual books/authors: The Dark is Rising series, Harry Potter (I read the first book over 20 times in elementary school), The Chronicles of Narnia, Tamora Pierce, and more recently Neil Gaiman and quite a few films. And a lot of music, ranging from classical stuff to Loreena McKennitt to metal. Different stories have wildly different influences, but those are some of the common ones.

I would definitely be interested to hear how other people view the -purpose- of their writing. Like I said, for me, stories are a lens that helps me make the world relevant, and they're so intertwined with my mental identity that it's impossible to imagine what I would be like without them. What about you - why do you write?

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Well, I often feel like writing something, but somehow only few ideas were actually started, and nearly none was brought further than prologue/first chapter (now that I think of it, I find finishing a starting chapter quite recently; which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it means that I put more thought into what I write... at least I hope so. Anyway, looking back to my previous attempts I find them rather horrible, and I don't feel so bad about my recent tries, so I guess that's a progress. O.o).

When it's about inspiration, there isn't any direct one, at least not literally... uhm, I mean, it doesn't have much to do with literature (although I read some books as well, like Lem's science fiction or Pratchett's Discworld series; in fact, before I started reading them, several people noticed that I have style similar to Pratchett's. Hmm...). Currently I just have a bunch of ideas flowing somewhere in my head, and then they connect together into some sort of plot. Recently these concepts are things like "Undeads", "God", "Creator", "Little Girls Are The Scariest" (somehow I wouldn't be surprised if there was a trope about that O.o). I guess that tropes sometimes may be an inspiration, too, but my mind is such a chaos that I can't really be sure where it all came from.

Right now I'm working (and I have about a half page written!!1) on a story taking place in some sort of parallel Earth. I mean, it looks like Earth, it has similar geography and history, but magic actually works in there (...), and at some point there appear undeads (!), and there's a specie of dinosaurs' descendants who somehow managed to survive the catastrophe (!!). In fact, the last ones are on the parallel America - they build their civilization there, and lived there peacefully independently from humans (in fact, there are no humans in this America thing because local mammals didn't have a chance to develop there). And (how unexpected) a little girl wandering around and doing strange things there.
Well, that's a general concept, I hope I'll manage to write more than one chapter of that. ^^'

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I have always been a bookworm and have loved creative writing. My first story was called "little dot" and was about a baby ladybug that got lost and after many adventures found her way back home. Since then, I've always been writing.
With 15 or 16, I mainly wrote poems and short prose. By now, I'm working on a novel.
What inspired me most (especially concerning this novel) is Beat Literature, modern poems, DaDa and of course the old german classics.
I have always been writing as a way to express myself (or as self-therapy), but I will try to publish the novel when it's finished. Fortunately, I already know a woman from a publishing company who offered to publish my book when it's finished.
I love reading the writings of others, but I couldn't take part in an exchange here, as all my writings are in german! That also means I'm not a native speaker and couldn't help much with the language, but I'd still love to read stories and give feedback if someone wants to share.

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Hello, those who write! What is it that you write? And what authors or literary movements inspire you, and do you write stuff to get published, or do you just scribble stuff down for yourself?

Perhaps if some Figgies have similar literary interests, we could privately exchange some of our works in progress or something—

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Start a underground Shakespeare movement? I'm not sure if that is most wise, being that Pseudo is actually a dragon from Arthur's realm. That means that he is, by all things, a journalist.
He'd surely rat you out if you give him this chance. Then the papers wil probably brand you as 'Shakespeare's minors try to become major! But fail!' or 'Candy fires' or some other unlikely thing the press comes up with.

Be careful. If any member appears to be breathing fire, start beating them with a round wooden bat. Or a sword, that'd work too.
The Crimson Sun

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This is the story of my origins as a writer. It's kinda long, and I'm not sure that it's what you asked for, but it's what I have to say. Sorry if it's boring...

I've always been a fan of fantasy novels, ever since I was a child. Some of the earliest series' I remember reading are The Lord of the Rings, Brian Jacques' Redwall series, Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, and Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl. I guess these works - and many others - are the foundation for my skills as a writer, but though I dabbled here and there in stories while I was in primary school, I didn't begin writing properly until I was about 16 or so.

Surprisingly enough, it wasn't literature that lead to my interest in proper writing, but my other great 'love' - video games. (Actually, now that I think about it, Warhammer also played a significant part in this regard, such that it has had an ongoing effect on my hobbies, despite the fact that I haven't played it for several years now. Anyway...) Largely influenced by Blizzard's Warcraft III, I began to create my own fantasy worlds, but they were pale, generic imitations of already established worlds, following the typical 'Human, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs' set-up inherent in many other works.

Then, one day when I was sixteen or so, I was looking for something to do, so I decided to write something. All I had in mind was a little story about bounty hunters, but I thought I may as well run with it, so I wrote it out and ended up with a passage of little over a thousand words. It might have ended there and then, but it didn't. Instead, that passage became the first chapter of a larger story.

Five chapters later, I decided that if I was going to write this story, then I had to do it properly. I went back to the first chapter and rewrote it, and then all the chapters after it. In my head I was constantly comparing my work to the novels I was reading; at the time, I imagine that would have been Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series. In a nutshell, I was determined to match the quality of people who had been writing great novels since before I was born, and I'd like to think that drive greatly improved the standard of my own work. (At this stage I should point out that I never actually thought I was on the same level as the authors I idolised, just that that was my goal.)

Anyway, four years on from when I started, that first story is now over 70,000 words long and has virtually nothing to do with bounty hunters. It's also nowhere near finished, and that is very much an understatement. It probably should be further along by now, but I procrastinate far too much for that, and video games continue to take up far too much of my time (not that I particularly mind). I've also started roughly half a dozen other stories, though none have progressed beyond a chapter or three so far. On the bright side, about half of my mind seems to have dedicated itself to creating more stories, and editing the ones I already have, so if nothing else, at least I'll never run out of ideas.

I have no particularly strong intention of getting published, but once I actually finish something, it would be nice if other people could read it too. On that note, I'd probably be willing to share some of my work with other 'Figgies', maybe. We'll see, I guess. Thanks for reading.

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I write creative stories and have sadly lost the ability to write short stories well