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This notion of randomly receiving a billion dollars and what you'd do with it is completely bull. The chance of somehow getting your hands on this ridiculously egregious amount of money is awfully low. Even the chance to receive the thousandfold smaller amount of a million dollars is ridiculously low and earning that kind of money takes a lot of time and effort, if done honestly.
But that is not my crass and abrasive point.

The whole "thought" of people sharing what they would do in the unfortunate event that they were to somehow magically obtain a billion dollars has a value of null. There is none. All the "answers" and "thoughts" people give on how they'd spend their money are the same in essence. "Oh, I won x amount of money. I will now give a load to some foundations to find cures for incurable diseases, be a nice lad and give my family money, but a load of stuff I've always wanted but never could afford and live happily with a sack of money I can never spend in my life while sleeping with it under my cushion for the rest of my life".
That is the average comment on this subject, and it contributes not the slightest bit. The hypothesis of what you'd do with such amounts of money, and I use the word "hypothesis" quite wrongly, is, in essence, the same as Joe Q. Public. The only difference is where the money goes to, as all the completely original ideas are the same. "Charity", "Family and Friends", "Living like a king in a big establishment with everything I want" is what everybody wants and just the thing the plebs would do. For this reason, this whole discussion is worth zilch. It is unnecessary for everybody and their sister to share the specifics of their spending habits with everybody.

On the matter of this being a hypothesis, I disagree wholeheartedly.
∞ Wikipedia ∞ said:
A hypothesis (from Greek ὑπόθεσις; plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon.

While calling the planning described technically could be a hypothesis, since you "suppose" that is what you're going to do with it, I'd much more prefer to go with the "Scientific Hypothesis", where you can actually test that what you think will happen, and strangely enough, I'd assume you have no way to carry out the plan. Therefore, planning is a much better term, given the circumstances. But I digress.

Maybe I hate people. Maybe not. But even so, I do not care in the slightest what the bugger one would do with these enormous kinds of money. So maybe I'm not nice. I don't care. Just like how I don't care what people would do with a billion dollars. Is that wrong? I don't know. But it is so.
So I don't hate a billion dollar in particular. I'd be overjoyed with that, probably, but keep it to myself. Really, what I "hate" about it, if that is the right word, are the completely idiotic discussions about spendthrift and the spending habits involved.

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Well, if I had a billion dollars, I'd of course start out by giving a million to my family members, and to each of my good friends, since if I had that much money, I wouldn't want to be the greedy type who keeps it all and doesn't help anyone else.

I would then go travelling. There's nothing I dislike more than boredom and routine, and constant travelling seems to be one of the few lifestyles that avoid this. None of the stereotypical rich person's luxury cruises or so forth. I'd probably still be camping a lot, just because I find it a lot more fun that way. Except when it rains; I'd get a nice hotel then. But there's so much to see and so little time in which to do it! I would turn my whole life into an adventure!

Of course, every adventurer needs a house to base himself out of. So I'd get one. I don't really hold with the huge mansion idea, but I'd get a custom-made house. That's underground! With a pool, and lots of secret passages. Just because having a bizarre house would be immensely entertaining to me.

I'd probably have lots of other random stuff I want to get. I'd need some kind of electric vehicle or something so that I can travel without being overly pollutive. Maybe use some of it in wild and zany schemes to make people's lives more interesting and strange... And I've always wondered what would happen if you crossed laser tag with a house of mirrors. With self-shooting enabled. This would be a good time to find out.

I'd still have lots of money left over. I'd probably donate about half of it to charity (divided evenly between medical research, scientific research, environmental protection and poverty/disaster aid), and invest the rest for any children I may have. Conclusion: money well spent.

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Well if i had my hands on this Billion dollar's (subject to name change POUNDS).

First id feel a huge weigh of it hanging over me, the whole spend me spend me, flaunt me flaunt me.

And then comes the help a friend give them money (no matter how much they still will be jellous at resent you).

And then comes the jellous people you don't know who will most likely make you worse off then before you got a billion pounds.

To conclude I would rather be a poor person then the evil experament of CtG's genorosity. Also HUGGS for all!!

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Much as I'm all for the English billion, I think we've lost that battle, so I'm assuming 10^9 dollars. Exchange rate aside I'm assuming 1 billion pounds as well.

For the first couple of million or so,
I would finally be able to afford to get get married. Then I'd clear all the debts of the people close to me (as a one time gift), buy a house and a workshop with some classic cars so I can modernise them - modern engine, brakes and suspension in a classic shape. Nice,
Kit out the mother of all home recording studios so if the mood takes me, I can be as creative as I like. I'd also build a laboratory for myself - all the usual chemistry stuff and a few hefty telescopes, not necessarily for serious research, but as a hobby.

Next I would probably set up trust funds for my children - to try and encourage them do socially worthwhile jobs, it would pay out more if they entered into those professions. Put money aside for them to go through university if that is the path they want to take.

I'd probably keep on working as a teacher, as long as I enjoy it. To give me more time to enjoy my hobbies, I'd go down to 3 days a week.

There is still an awful lot of money left, so I'd set up some prizes to make it worthwhile for some areas of science to advance. The space elevator (or at lest some solid theories for this to become a reality. Then let engineering problems catch up), boosting tropical disease research, try and get the conceptual molecular typewriter off its feet.

As I'd have a lot of money left, I'd try my hand at entrepreneurship. Investing in interesting businesses. Maybe this would make me money in the longer term. If it were successful I'd fancy my hand at this longer term.

By the end of my life I'd imagine I'd still have a lot of cash left. So I'd probably boost the science research funds with the excess whilst keeping enough to support my children's trust funds.

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While I was walking home from work yesterday, I wondered how different my life would be if I somehow won a billion dollars. I would of course buy a nice car so I can drive to and from work without worrying about fuel since I can buy the whole gas station! And why even come to work? I can just buy the whole company instead so THEY would work for ME! But what happens then? One billion dollars is a lot of money and one could only use up so much for himself. Would you tire of eating away at it? What happens if you do?

I made this interest not to tell everyone that I like a billion dollars, but because I wonder what people on this site would do if they had such money. In order to avoid unnecessary talk, maybe we should assume that you obtained the money in a legitimate way, and that you'd have no problems about people threatening to steal it, or kill you for it. It's quite unrealistic, I know. But I wanted to have the discussions focus more on SPENDING the billion dollars.

Are you an investor, who will prudently invest the money in government bonds and other debt and equity instruments? This seems like a good way of getting your money to work for you without you yourself exerting much effort. The people who you'd lend your money will work FOR you to keep YOUR money growing. Isn't that great?!

Maybe you're more hands-on as a businessman? Perhaps you'd want to start your own business with it, and hire your own people and provide whatever goods and/or services you want to provide. It would certainly give you more control of your money, and for those people who are confident in their business management abilities, this may be the best way to keep your money growing!

For those people who aren't confident about their ability to grow their money, perhaps they can just slowly empty their cash without having to work again. If one could manage resources well enough, a billion dollars can perhaps last a family for three generations, maybe? It'd be a different kind of life having no income, but enough to keep you alive. One could even say that your children would be retired as soon as they were born!

But what if you had an opportunity to spend it all in one go? What sort of things could you buy with no less than a billion dollars... The moon? Maybe a sports team, or a building? Maybe you can buy Osama's underwear!... But uh, I wonder what sort of things people would seriously consider buying using a billion dollars. o.o

I understand also that there are some people on this site who'd say that they don't like keeping the money or something, and that they'd prefer to give it away to other people. I find that believable enough, but I'd like to know what sort of things will you give it away to? The government? A school or hospital? A wildlife foundation? Spend it FOR SCIENCE[!!1]? Maybe give it all to some beggar on a street!

Anyway, what would you do with an extra billion dollars? I'd appreciate detailed answers, please. :o


By the way, I would also find it interesting if someone were to uh, HATE a billion dollars. o.o;

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Skelo21229 18 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic INTJ 9w1 77C
With the first million, I would follow my dream of being a criminal profiler. I would try to get PhDs in Psychology and Criminology. I would then use some of the money to train, so that I could past the entrance tests for the FBI.

After about ten years on the job, I would buy a mansion on a cliff with a great view of the ocean. Also, I would become a psychologist for the FBI. I would buy as much of ∞ Nekola Tesla's ∞ stuff as I could and donate it to his museum in Belgrade. I would also buy Manchester United and the Florida Gators.

After ten more years, I would try to make some more money on the stock market buying out and Apple, Inc. I would then merge them into a company, probably named Strategy, Inc.

In my sixties, I would hire a very clean, trustworthy lawyer to help me to make my will. I would also hire a very skilled carpenter to create a magnificent tomb (If tombs can be magnificent.).

In the will, I would leave 60% of my money to my friends Matthew, Neil, Gabrielle, and Maxwell. I would then create a treasure hunt around the world (Like in The 39 Clues.). 20% of my money would be a prize to the winner. The remaining 20% would then go to finding a cure for OCD.

My tomb would be made out of titanium-platinum alloy with torches on the walls. When you enter it, my coffin, made out of wood covered with a thin layer of silicon, would be in front of you. To your left would be a huge library with every book that I owned and all of The Hardy Boys books. To your right, their would be a collection of exotic swords, like steel katanas and bronze khopeshes (I know that this is a little eccentric, but then again, I'm rich).

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Oh dear milkshakes. I am just bursting with answers.

Assuming I had the billion right now, I'd spend a minuscule amount on video games, then a scanner, then a few drawing books to practice with, then perhaps Flash programmes and classes for learning how to animate.

Also assuming that I've grown up and still have the money, I'd buy a modest house and all the equipment for animation.
Perhaps I'd learn how to code games with all the free time I have planned.

So, yeah, some of the money will go to filling my own ambitions, as for my family, I'd gladly give them all the money they needed, assuming that they'll be modest about their amounts too.

Up to my grand age (and hopefully with a animating legacy with me), I'd probably donate the money to different causes (cancer research, helping developing countries etc.) and leave the remaining amount to my family and friends in equal amounts.

So, yeah. Not much extravagance in this post as with the others.