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    For all of you that don't know, trypanophobia is the fear of medical procedures that involve injections. It is more commonly know as needle phobia (Which is probably why spell-check says that it's not a word). It is a very common fear, affecting an estimated 31,159,192 Americans (10%), though it is thought that their are more than that, because some avoid medical treatment because of this fear.

    My trypanophobia seems to be vasovagal trypanophobia, which is the most common type of trypanophobia, affecting 50% of trypanophobes (15,579,596 Americans). It means that I fear the feeling, thought, or sight of needles or needle-like objects. The symptoms of vasovagal trypanophobia are vasovagal syncope, which is fainting due to lowering blood pressure, sweating, nausea, pallor, which is paling, tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears, panic attacks, and a high blood pressure and heart rate that rapidly drops when the person is injected. The plunge in blood pressure has been known to cause death in people with severe vasovagal thypanophobes.

    I am afraid of needles going into my vein, but I can take shots, which probably means that I do not have severe trypanophobia. The thought of a needle going into my vein makes me queasy, and, in my mind, I feel that I am somehow going to bleed to death if one goes into my vein, which makes me even more queasy, makes my stomach hurt, and makes me start to sweat. When I think this, my hand protectively darts to my left arm, a little below the wrist, which is the place that I imagine is punctured by the hypodermic needle in my fantasy.

    Edit: I corrected the statistics.
    david s

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    I knew this was a real fear, and I can understand it, but I think some of the statistics there are a little off.

    You said that 10% of Americans are afraid of needles, and that that's 280,432,725 people, right? I think that might be more of the number of people with it in the world, since that's actually about 90% of America's population rather than 10%.(~300,000,000.) If 280,432,725 Americans were afraid of needles, I think they would be outlawed. o_o

    Personally I don't really mind needles. I've had worse things jabbed into me.(Throwing darts, sticks of various sizes, a pipe and a few other things.) The fact is, I'm quite used to needles, and I actually give blood, or rather, I would if they didn't have such rare blood drives, and my schedule weren't so packed. >_>(I have donated once so far, and I plan to again next month! I have a fancy appointment!)

    Still, I would say "There's nothing to fear" or, since your fear can be lethal "There's nothing to fear but fear itself, and you need to run! HIDE! IT'S EVERYWHERE!" but I realize fears aren't easily overcome by logic. How do I know? I have an illogical fear of fish in the Esox family. I know that I could tear one apart with my pinky and chew on its bones for hours, but I'm still scared of them!

    Anyway, I do wish you luck in dealing with your fear, as well as luck in avoiding unnecessary needles.

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    Needles! Scary, pointy things!

    I always imagined that they will hit my upper arm bone and then break into little pieces which will be left stuck in my flesh. They seemed so unbelievably long that I always wondered how they could fit into my arm.

    But I dealt with it for once because I have an inappropriate attitude of no-compromise trust into doctors and for seconds because I wanted that lollipop for courageous kids. Which my new doctor somehow don't seem to want to give me, hmm ... - .-