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Okay, so in other words you don't like people that like being social...

Without Extroverts, EVERYONE would be unhappy.

So... I find it kind of weird to hate extroverts.

I don't want to seem like a troll, and I have read A β Pseudolonewolf's blog posts.

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Dude, you can't have thought this comment would be a good idea. Surely you've read Pseudo's blog posts? Regardless of whether he's right or not, he's repeatedly maintained that Introverts don't need to be "cured", or brought out of their shells by Extroverts as some kind of normalization and conversion. He believes quite strongly that he can function fine as an Introvert and seeks the company of like minded individuals in order to solidify his community rather than having people running around telling him that he is a "boring depressed weirdo". And even if you think he and others are wrong, the way to change their minds isn't to insult them. And yes, you have insulted them, I'm sure they won't appreciate being called boring or weird. No one does.

Really, I don't take anyone's side here, but this is more like flamebait than an actual attempt to address a difference of opinion....this will not be productive......

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Without extroverts, EVERYONE would be a boring depressed weirdo.

Why, how polite... >_>
I'm sure the world would function quite well if there were no extroverts to speak of. However, extroverts will always exist, in any culture or society. Now, despite the fact YOU generalised every introvert as being a 'Boring depressed weirdo', It may be a quite prejudiced thought to hate or just dislike all extroverted people but everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless.

I get along okay with extroverts and mostly like them for their 'entertainment' value, I dislike the fact that when I'm in the vicinity of an extrovert that they're quite loud and obnoxious; However that's not to say that ALL extroverts are loud and obnoxious...
Introverts though, I get along with, if I am patient. Most introverts(I assume they are anyway) that I know are utterly shy, but polite and well-spoken when need be. I also know of a few people who identify themselves as introverts and yet participate in plays and performances parties and so on voluntarily, albeit rarely.
The point I'm trying to make is the fact that any society can function with or without loud or quiet people. It does little good to claim that every single introvert is depressed and on top of that, a weirdo. Mind, I believe that everyone should be allowed to have preferences in who they wish to know, whether it be overly shy people or entertaining but loud people.

Edit: On another note, an extrovert can be as such and depressed. Depression isn't just a one sided illness, I hope you realise.

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I know Poisen already covered this, but I really want to stress it.

On what basis do you say that every introvert would be a "depressed weirdo"? That... That is false, basically. Introverts GENERALLY are unhappier and more pessimistic compared to extroverts. However we are also generally more focused on doing science, and making sure everything is all organised and such. We look at the reality of the world, which is depressing. Extroverts, on the other hand, are generally optimistic and try to be happy, even when they have no reason to be. They generally also tend to value emotions more than actual proof, which while it keeps everything happier, and such, does not mean that they are correct.

Also, "wierdo" is relative and subjective, so in a culture with only introverts, nobody would be weird. As is "boring", who decides what is boring and what is not?

Anyway, why are we not humans, even if it wasn't an exaggeration, it shows that you think of us as less than human. Why? Do you have anything to back yourself up with, at all? Or are you just doing what most racist/homophobic/sexist people do, and claim that any group that you don't like is not human. Bah.

(It is also interesting that you, and both the people who voted up your poll seem to be introverted according to my basic checking system)

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Uh, I think that this might be useful to understand that introversion/extroversion thing, maybe?
∞ The Great Hamster Ball Theorem ∞

But yes, it's not like introverts will avoid social contact. They'll just not seek it as much as extroverts, or something, and it doesn't make them depressed weirdos at all! >.<

Having that said, I wouldn't like or hate extroverts per se, I admit. They like... coexist? And probably both extroverts and introverts have their positive and negative impact. I just hope that no one will try to go after my precious bucket of energy trying to capture my interest with some stuff which bores me completely. >.<
(and besides, I suppose there are also extroverted people who really want to be social, but they have problem with that; like these people trying to be "cool" with poor results O.o')

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What. This is rather biased, don't you think?

I rather find Introversion as a gift. A rare, small gift that extends your possibilities to long lengths. Sure, Extroverts may be much more social and happy-go-lucky, but that doesn't mean that Introverts are boring, depressed weirdos.

Think of balances. Light and Dark. Life and Death. Black and White. Yin and Yang. Inside and Outside. A and Z. The balance that the combination of Intros and Extros make are the same of all the other balances. With only Introverts in the world, the entire planet would be more... "gray", as you are trying to express in your post. (Though, it would be much more peaceful and there would be few wars...) However, if there were only EXTROverts in the world, there would be ABSOLUTE CHAOS!!1 (Think. How many people have made peace around the world? What percent of those people were or are Introverts?)

So, basically, what I am trying to say is, and kind of what YOU are trying to say, the planet would not benefit with too much of either vert. But Introverts are not necessarily "unhappy".

Good day, Draco. Hope you recover from the negative ratings you received on your post. (No offense.)