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5 years ago

Does anyone have Flash CS6?

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: Flash
I need direct assistance from someone who has Flash CS6.

I've been trying to work on more animated Miasmon monsters - I intended to do three yesterday - but it's becoming literally impossible due to the bizarre issues that happen to me using the new form of motion tween.

One of these problems involves pieces becoming slightly offset or rotated whenever I move them to create a keyframe; like they find their final position inaccurately.
Compare these two images in different tabs: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞ and ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
The first one was an attempt to rotate (using the Free Transform tool) the entire model (consisting of several MovieClips) at once, and the screenshot was taken BEFORE I released the mouse button, which is why you can see a faint version of the original positions.
The second one is what happened when I released the mouse. Most parts ended up roughly where they should be, but the head was offset for no reason. Usually it's worse than this, with all pieces getting offset.

The worst cases though are when I try to transform one bit on a keyframe, and it somehow snaps into entirely the wrong place when I release the mouse button, and messes up almost all of the other keyframes in the animation, too.
For example, this is before I released the mouse: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
And this is after: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
The feather suddenly snaps into that entirely wrong place, and as you can see from the Motion Editor, all the data for every frame becomes corrupted.

I'm getting the impression that this may be a fault of my computer... in which case, getting a new one might be the only solution. Thankfully, that's something I've been wanting to do anyway because I've had my current one for years and it's getting harder and harder to use, but I wanted to wait until the release of Windows 8 first, which is about a week away. So I'd probably have to spend a week or two making no progress, which is a frustrating thought.

It could also be a result of me misunderstanding this new animation system, though I don't understand how. I am new to it, after all.

Anyway, there's a direct test that you can help me with - if you have CS6 - to see if it is my computer, or if this happens to other people as well.
The .fla file for that Meep animation is here: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
It'll only open in CS6. If you can open it, please go to frame 146 (to use an example that I know causes the issue), and, using the Free Transform tool, select the foot and rotate it slightly.
If it ends up where you'd expect it to, it might be a problem with my computer.
If it snaps into place several pixels from where it should be, and ruins other frames in the animation too, then the problem isn't simply my computer and I've no idea how to solve it. If you're experienced with Flash CS5 or CS6 and find a way to fix it - which you are actually able to do yourself, rather than just a suggestion - then I'd love to hear from you.

Editing the Motion Editor or using the Transform window DOES work, which makes it all the more bizarre, but this isn't a solution, because I can't animate by tweaking numbers, any more than I can draw a portrait with an Etch-a-Sketch (to use an example I came up with for a comment).

If you don't have Flash CS6, you can apparently get a free 30-day trial of it from the Adobe site... I think. Though you'll have to look for that yourself.
I had CS5 until yesterday, and I got CS6 to try and solve the problem... but it happens in both versions.

The more people can try this out, the better. If nobody but me gets the issue, then it must be something to do with my computer... though it's certainly a bizarre thing to happen because of something outside Flash!

I've also mentioned this in the official Adobe help forum, though it might be more likely to get replies here even if they're only from people who are able to test that .fla.
5 years ago

Animated Miasmon (edit 1)

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: Art FlashGame DesignMiasmon
I've been playing Pokemon Black 2 lately, since I did eventually acquire it. It was Pokemon Black Version that inspired the start of Miasmon, and I hope the sequel can inspire me to complete it.

Annoyingly, though, seeing the fancy animations in this Pokemon game (which aren't exactly new since Black had them too, but still) has made me feel that the static monster sprites in Miasmon are so flat and lifeless in comparison.

Out of curiosity, I tried animating one of the monsters - Gruul - in vector form to see how it'd look, and to learn how long it'd take... and I was rather pleased with the results! In fact, now that I've seen this, it feels very difficult to want to keep the pixel sprites.

So I think that I may indeed try to convert the existing pixelated battle graphics to vectors, like this!
It'll be a refreshing change that'll no doubt re-motivate me to work on the game... and it'll look much better, too, I hope.
The non-battle graphics won't change, and battles will still use pixelated GUI stuff. It's sort of like how DS games have 3D graphics, but pixelated menus and stuff!

It may take some time to convert the current sprites, but it seems that making one of these animations takes just as long as making a pixel sprite; it might actually be quicker! So if I need to add new monsters - and I still need to add many - then this method seems a good one.

Unfortunately though, I've been having some really frustrating problems with Flash's new-fangled motion tweens, which replace the ones that I've been familiar with for years. It's still possible to use the old "Classic Tweens", but I can see the benefits of this new one and feel I should get used to it. I felt this years ago though, when trying to make Chimaera, but just became too frustrated with it because it seems so... fickle. Unreliable.
Each keyframe now stores transform methods like movement, rotation, scaling, etc separately from the rest, which causes tremendous pain when I want them all to be stored together. It's possible to create keyframes with all transform states set (by pressing F6), but even then, it seems that sometimes (and only sometimes, seemingly at random) when I rotate a MovieClip on one frame, when I release the mouse it suddenly jumps a few pixels up and to the right... And if I drag it back into place, it alters the location of that MovieClip on previous keyframes! So frustrating!

If you have direct experience with Flash CS5 and the problem that I'm attempting to describe, and understand and managed to solve it, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.
If however you've never used this specific version of Flash or encountered this specific problem, then I don't want to hear your 'I reckon' or 'have you tried' sorts of 'help', because it's condescending and not at all helpful when you assume that I haven't thought of something that even someone completely inexperienced would think of without any effort.
"I've never used whatever you're talking about, but have you tried [something really, really obvious]? How about switching to another program entirely? Hope this helps."

ANYWAY, look! Animated monsters!1

(They seem to display at a weird size here, making the pixel sprites beside them look really unpleasant... I might try looking into that.)

Edit: Another one:

This animating problem seems to be getting worse though. I'll show you what's happening; I bet it'll totally be understandable!1
Each of these models is made of various parts on different layers. For example, here, the feather on top of the Meep's head is selected: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
I want to rotate it slightly - very slightly - so I do so using the Free Transform tool... and this happens instantly: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞
Not only has it jumped to entirely the wrong position (I didn't nudge it at all; I only tried to rotate it), but it's also apparently messed up essentially all the other keyframes in the animation, as you can see from the significantly different X, Y, rotation graph things in the Motion Editor at the bottom.
It makes no sense at all. If I try to do the rotation using the Motion Editor - by dragging a little node on the graph - then it works! So why would the Free Transform tool mess it up so very badly?!?