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Aspect: Bureaucracy

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Nope, I'm not attacking you. I was simply hoping for you to elaborate on your statement. If this was a real conversation, you would know from my curious, thoughtful, interested tone. Then again, you would probably think I was attacking you anyway, since I seem to be not particularly good at conveying my intent through body language (the fact that I tend to turn around and walk away from a conversation I am genuinely interested in doesn't help). Anyway, sorry!

In the same tone I wish I could have indicated in my last post:

Interesting... I definitely agree that bureaucracy is better that the alternatives you mention. Do you view bureaucracy as an inevitable byproduct of any "orderly" system, an annoying and preventable problem that just pales in comparison to the other evils you mention, a useful means of preventing anarchy or despotism, or something else entirely that I am too thickheaded to grasp?

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It seems to me that bureaucracy is a natural (although not necessarily good) byproduct of orderly systems wherein a large number of people share varying amounts of power, yes.