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Blog: More MARDEK?!

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-- It scares me to see the words "that's what people want" in a developer's writing... As a strong believer in creating as your heart desires, rather than by the (perceived) whims of a consumer base, I start to feel uncertain about the whole ordeal. Your intentions still seem, at their core, focused around your own levels of creativity and motivation, rather than outside sources of advice or consumer pressure, so there's really not an issue there, I guess.

It's just a casual observation, honestly, rather than a critique of you (like I'd be an expert at something like that ugh), but as a creator, the seed looks like it's there, but it hasn't started to sprout.

-- As to Patreon, I'm totally excited to see what comes of that! I've always wanted to donate to your cause, and would love to see how big crowdfunding could really become for someone that has over TWENTY SIX MILLION SITE HITS WOW. Imagine if each hit had pledged even 5 cents... You'd have made $1,300,000 (approximately £797,962) since 2004!

I'm kind of curious, PLW, as to what your thoughts are regarding your cause, so to speak, in all of this. It's been such a long time since I first became a fan, and I now wonder how much you think your goals have changed since the days of doodling levels for games on lined paper in grade school. Could you possibly make a post about that? Feel free to take it to any level of meta or abstraction as you desire..!