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Blog: More MARDEK?!
Captain Hubris

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Hey I'm new here. Just discovered Mardek recently, but I'm blown away by the way you do things. I was so bummed to hear that it had been so long since you updated this great game.

I think Patreon, Kickstarter or any other option you find to use to pursue this thing that you are so good at is a no-brainer. I'd be glad to get on board for regular content, and setting it in a more developed world can only be even more enriching (even though I don't know much about that other world) . I read about some of your other stuff and I think bringing all those various mythologies/stories/whatever together could make for a heck of a dynamic world and if you placed Mardek there....the results could really be amazing.

Whatever you do, I'm a fan.