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Blog: MARDEK Writing Update!

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Celso 27 Brazil MelancholicPhlegmatic INTJ 10C
Hey Pseudo, it's been a long time since I don't comment here...
I would like to say that I am Super Duper Excited with the return of MARDEK, and also like most changes that you're doing, like trying to give more verosimilitude and importance to the characters, how you are rethinking the history, also I think we can adapt to a series of smaller games. Although we're gonna miss the big, non-linear history of MARDEK 3, please make some game in this model way there in the future.
However, and this comes from a player who has always cheered for you and your games, never wrote any hate comment, always tried to speak when it was my place (sorry, don't know if the sintax is correct), since I see that you're still sort of in the planning stage, I would like to make a plead: Please, Don't Scrap The Elements System! I believe it is a beautiful system for battle, magic, creation, philosophy... and I'm sure many players agree with me, there is a reason why it's been around for so long in RPG worlds, and also for you to have worked with it for so long. Don't get me wrong, I'm really interested in the Sentiments System, I think it's innovative, interesting, makes sense, I look forward to see it in your games; but I get the feeling that you intend to abandon completely the Elements System, so, please don't do this, specially on MARDEK series! MARDEK is too much of a winning team to be the one that inaugurates the Sentiments. I did feel interested with the idea of having each element influencing a certain sentiment, though, seems like a nice way to conciliate both principles o_O...
Please consider this.
Kind regards,