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Blog: How do you feel about MARDEK so far?
Sir Vitor

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Long ago I was at my house, looking for a game to play, when I saw Mardek I. At first I thought it was just a regular internet game, with monster, a dragon, a princess and a night. I was extremely surprised and more than pleased by your creative idea of making a game with players in their early days. Since it was a short game I completed it the first time not stopping until the dramatic ending, and got enticed by the idea of other series.
One or two years later I found Mardek 2. It was harder, I made some mistakes, but in two or three times manage to complete it whole. That's when I got amazed enough to come to this site and create an account.
Then I waited and was astounded by Mardek 3. It was a master game, with a damn big, but extremely well-done story, with a better mechanic, amazing texts and endless possibilities of team combinations.
Even before the game existing, I longed for a game as impressive as Mardek. It has an awesome mixture of science-fiction, mithology, magic, swordfighting, and all of it in this shape.
But now I come here to beg you to don't change the game mechanics and story. At first I got scared when you changed the game in Mardek III, but then I saw that there were lots of good reasons for it. But now I must say it is too much the changes you are proposing. The game is already perfect the way it is now, and most of the fans of this story will be depressed if you change it.

I know how you feel, and truly wished I were geographically close to you in a few moments in the past I felt you were too melancholic, to be a friend and help you.

This new idea and system you had is a great idea, and if you create a new story to insert it I will be more than happy to play it. But seriously man, don't change Mardek past and story just because you are not feeling confident that you did a great job with it already. Because you done.
A friend

P.S: Feel free to PM back if you want to discuss what I said ( or even curse me publicly for being too obnoxious to try to interfere in your creative work):D