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Blog: MARDEK Writing Update!

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Interesting. So you like them because the dialogs and don't dislike just for combats' skill? Fair enough! But I couldn't know how Sharla is useful because I play hours with Sharla and she didn't developed new skills... Maybe a character not good in combats could be good in social skills: convince NPCs, buy armors, shilds or swords cheaper... Indeed MBTI system is good to create character's personalities/ identities... But use in combat systems? hmmmm I don't know. It could be good but with a plot significance... But is already exist!!!! In Alora Fane there is emotional combat system and in Astrostles galaxy there is elements' combat system... (Sorry for grammar and spelling errors)

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Well ... no matter how long you play with Sharla, this will indeed not give her new skills. Just as with anybody.

It took a while until there was the possibility for her to learn new ones, as opposed to most other characters, that is true. Most of her skills she can learn while still at the sun temple and then it takes a while for new ones (if I remember correctly). But the skills she has are pretty usefull.

The Null Air can be very important in some fights, the Healing Wind is naturally very usefull and her magical attacks are strong and there are more monsters with an air weakness than for instance a fire weakness.

Some interesting ideas you offer, anyway.