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I haven't yet had a chance to see what MARDEK IV is, but from what other people say, it doesn't sound...MARDEK-y. MARDEK brought me to fighunter, and I-III are fantastic games. I played them through once, tediously doing all the sidequests and getting all the weapons, and when I accidentally cleared my browser cache and wiped out my saves, I happily did it all over again. But IV sounds like it's departed from the MARDEK "universe".

It sound's like you're going Final Fantasy with this series; as in, every succeeding game takes the best parts of the last one and throws in new stuff to make it completely different. While this does make for good games, it doesn't make for....what's the word.../unified/ games. I love MARDEK for it's story, but also for it's atmosphere-The battle system, the dialogue, character art...if one of these things changes into a whole new's not the same.

Here's an example: The Simpsons. Take a look at the very earliest episodes, then at the newer ones. The animation style has changed, and the "feel" is changed as well.

So, while I appreciate your artistic skills, Pseudo, please take my advice and keep the MARDEk games feeling...MARDEK-y. Don't change the battle system, keep the art the way it is-I want to feel that I'm in the same universe.

Hell, I'll throw in one more example. Harry Potter. Imagine if the first 3 book were written by J.K. Rowling, then the 4th was written by, oh, Tolkein. I'll leave you to ponder on that.