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Blog: Posts re MARDEK on Alora Fane!

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So rather than letting MARDEK stay as dead as it used to be, A β Pseudolonewolf decides to do the only thing he can do to keep MARDEK alive in some form, which is to reboot it as a much more planned-out series, how is this worse than the alternative? Pseudo is not purging the old MARDEK from the web nor from your memories, there's nothing keeping you from enjoying the old series for what it is, since there is a lot to enjoy. Either way, you won't get the MARDEK 4 you're hoping for, so why make the new MARDEK a scapegoat?

How would you even know the new one is worse anyway, or like a self-help book? You've not played the game yet and you're already dismissing it. Not going into a game with an open mind only means you're going to try as see the game for what you think it is, and if you think it's bad, then you're only going to look for and notice the bad...

A β Pseudolonewolf is not burning or vandalizing any books, but you are already judging the new one by its cover, covering it with your judgement rather. I just hope people will try and look at the new MARDEK for what it is rather than for how it isn't just a faithful remake or a sequel.