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Game: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3

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Abbx 22 Pakistan SanguineMelancholic ENFJ 3w4 573C
Did anyone realize how silly it is, that the final boss has to fight with 3 light people, and a girl who has that spell ( I can't remember the name) to majorly damage undead foes.

I really admire the Aeropolis Shaman, and if I were in the game, I'd probably be Donovan!

Some things I expect to happen in the next series:

Elwyen will not battle Mardek, at least, not alone. Maybe she'll team up with someone, and betray them or something in the end because of the love for Mardek, and the need to get back at Rohoph. She plays too much of a subtle and indirect role to take on Mardek's team solo. Mardek might even have a baby girl with Elwyen, called Melvin, Marvin or something.
I wonder how Gloria and Mereador will come together.
We might get to go to other planets, via either Rohoph's spaceship, Enki's spaceship, or even through Solaar's.

I wonder if Pseudolonewolf will let us play as different characters, i.e. those not involving Mardek, e.g. Emela wakes up and fights a horde of darkness monsters in the Water Temple to see Steele. She teams up with Deugan to fend him off.
Maybe the Fig-Elemental person from Aru will try and track Solaar down.
Maybe we could even play as Gaspar being lost somewhere before actually landing on Belfan.
It'd certainly add variety and interest to the game...

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Though I am male, I think that Mardek and Elwyen would go together, and Gloria and Mereador will have some future (Despite the large age difference). For now I don't think we should be heading off to the planet of the Annunaki. I think only one or two games there is enough, because I don't know how we're going to buy weapons and stuff there. Unless we have Annunaki disguises or something. But yeah, since Mardek is part space fantasy it would be really cool to venture off to the mysterious outdoors of space. Enki's spaceship would a possibility, I feel like we should find where Enki is. He could be a major plot hook, this is also a great chance to find out other regions of Belfan, because the northern continent seems restricted and the southern continent is just a peninsula.