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Pick my MARDEK team! 6 Ultemedia uugr   3 weeks ago
EVERYONE, PREPARE FOR STEELE 71 !!  Megabdi HayRoss   2 years ago
  Mardek on Steam? 4 Axel david s   2 years ago
MARDEK 4: A Fallen Angel 43 newstomper timtoborne   2 years ago
How the King of Goznor killed himself. 4 β Mania Kenji   3 years ago
  How does the original MARDEK end? 1 timtoborne timtoborne   3 years ago
2 keyblades? 7 atherworld Fenix Shakura   3 years ago
  Rohoph, possible hidden villian 4 Lightningtombs david s   3 years ago
Rohoph the White-clothed Magi~ 1 david s david s   3 years ago
  Mardek 2 Any% Speedrun 6 darkid BunnyHop   3 years ago
MMORPG 3 BunnyHop BunnyHop   3 years ago
  Who is the least important 28 Ribbit Ribbit   3 years ago
I can't find my Mardek saves 3 Captain Hubris Captain Hubris   3 years ago
  Some suggestions to Mardek 4 3 Calthax Thewooter   3 years ago
Question about save games. 6 Kowasaci Thewooter   3 years ago
  MARDEK 4: A Fallen Angel Poll 3 newstomper newstomper   3 years ago
  interesting stuff 5 atherworld Avereth   3 years ago
  Who is the CHAOSBRINGER!!!1! 45 david s Ribbit   4 years ago
MARDEK Item Challenge 5 Kalin Kalin   4 years ago
Finding Mardek Save File 4 Heller Fenix Shakura   4 years ago
  Who would you want as a Player character 10 HayRoss Freezicle   4 years ago
  Tell me what you think! 3 TheMorph HayRoss   4 years ago
Little question here? 7 HayRoss HayRoss   4 years ago
DEATH MATCH: Mardek vs. Sonny. 14 Brock david s   4 years ago
  It's time for a Music Battle! 4 TheMorph Corelis   4 years ago
Connecting to the Game 3 TheMorph donutsizzle   4 years ago
  Share your ideas here!11!! 5 TheMorph TheMorph   4 years ago
Mardek Speedrunning 1 Awein Awein   4 years ago
Often Overlooked: The Reaction Skills 2 david s β Mania   4 years ago
  Mardek Elemental 18 atherworld RickyTheHedgehog   4 years ago