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Blog: How do you feel about MARDEK so far?

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Slarstorm 18 New Zealand MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 991 1C
I like the new art style, though my first impression was one of shock and worry. As for the 'female protagonist' idea I never had a problem with it, I too have made the choice of changing a protagonist of my own to female, it was quite easy too, since he wasn't a major sterotype. Thus he changed from a scrawny moody male to a smallish... moody young lady. Enough about my work though.

Mardek was certainly never 'masculine', at least personality wise so the idea isn't really a problem unless you consider any romantic elements, besides Mardek's personality, while lovable was always a little unrealistic.

Despite everything whether or not 'he' turns into a 'she', give the character more depth. Have he/she get cross, suspicious, deep in thought... just SOMETHING more than a silly grin, not that I don't love Mardek's silly grins.