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Blog: How do you feel about MARDEK so far?

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Well, for me, MARDEK RPG was probably the first game I ever played on a computer ! I was probably 6, and I wasn't reading english yet, but i already loved this game. Now, I'm playing it again and i was here like "NOOOOO !!!!! He's going to make another type of MARDEK !!!" when i learned the new thing you wanted to do, and here, I'm more like "YEEES !!! This looks AWESOME !!!". But I always miss the original serie, and i hope that you will do the original MARDEK IV one day !

PS : The last day, i was training Elwyen, and i thought "HEY !!! This game will be more aewsome if the song that she is playing on her harp replace the normal battle music !

PPS : Hey ! I don't remember what i was going to say !