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30-Day Disney Cartoon Show Challenge!!!
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If you plan on doing this, you CANNOT include anime, unfortunately!!! That would be cheating, and if you ever want to do that, try your own separate challenge! Kids anime doesn't count either, sorry! I'm looking for something someone would PURELY consider a cartoon, like Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny (series), The Jetsons, Flintstones, and other sorts of things! I don't mean to be biased against anime or anything, but... I just don't feel it'll work for this particular challenge as almost all anime shows are enjoyable to an extent for a lot of folks, and some of the stuff we may watch me not be so enjoyable, so it won't work! It also isn't nearly as long of a history, and thus won't be a 'challenge' really at all!!!

So I recently came up with a clever idea for myself that is going to be EXTREMELY time consuming and probably very annoying, but it may prove to be an interesting experience.... it's to watch a ton of Disney cartoons from the distant past, whether it be spin-offs of the old series or Oswald/Mickey Cartoons in Black and White, and then rate them in effectiveness in several categories. Why would I ever do this? Several reasons, and they are as follows:

1) Because upon doing this, it will make me much more knowledgeable as to Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Clarabelle, Horace, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto, and the rest of the gang's past and future. This is actually the lowest reason as to why I'm doing this now though, the other points are much better!
2) I may get into a new genre on doing this, of course! I don't watch really ANY television at all, and I feel if I do this, I will be able to much more enjoy both modern and old cartoons by looking at something that really kicked off everything. And speaking of kicking off how cartoons work:
3) I'm also doing this to have a look back at how old cartoons progressed overtime! This is probably the biggest reason I'm doing this. It's so I won't have to look at history videos of characters and such from the series and I can form my honest opinion as to when the series got any good or not. It's like if I was judging the Breath of Fire game series for the first time, or the Simpsons as a whole. Breath of Fire hit it's stride around 3 and 4, and ended at 5, while the Simpsons was most popular around Season 4-10, though I enjoy some of the more modern episodes as well to be able to fairly judge the series as opposed to people who just look a reviews to make a decision...
4) The last reason is because I want to see how things change overtime, a similar reason to before. How cartoons sort of went from hand-drawn and kinda cute to mostly CGI done in a cartoon style.... I figured this would be the best place to look!

I honestly feel as if I can do this, unlike most tasks I undergo, as I did a similar thing with the Simpsons, watching every Season up until 21, in which I stopped at my own specified time. I do have neves of me growing to not like the series or me feeling that I have to force myself to do it... but I'm taking a guess that as the series will go on, I'll enjoy it more!


I WILL NOT be watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, of course. This would take YEARS if not a majority of every day I have right now... something I don't want to do. In order to fix this, then, I'll only be watching the ones that were successful, and I'll only be watching the series parts that were popular...


Feel free to take up this challenge with me! I never do things like this, and I feel it'll be an adventure, I guess! But you guys don't HAVE to restrict yourselves to Disney Cartoons like I am, as I'm only focusing on Disney in this department as they are widely considered the King when it comes to cartoons and slapstick humor type stuff in them....

If this turns out to be really fun, I'll do a Popeye run too, as I still enjoy Popeye to this day (which surprises me), and it'll be an interesting change from what I'm currently doing!!!

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AzureEdge 24 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic ISFJ 5w6 240C
I believe Cartoon Network has an entire channel now dedicated to 'classic' cartoons like the ones you mentioned above.

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well that's pretty cool. Will you be primarily sticking to older cartoons, or do you like to get to current cartoons airing on tv? There's stuff on Disney XD and CN, but please avoid nickelodeon as that has become primarily a uh... "real kids" showplace? I dunno how to specify their brand of shows, haha.

Are you going to only stick to cartoon shows, or will you also watch the films and how animation has progressed/evolved there?

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I'll be going as far as I can, from the oldest to the newest for 30 days straight, maybe I should be more specific...

You see, I plan on starting this challenge in a few days, once I find the time, which shouldn't be hard as I do almost nothing every day...

As for all the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel XD, and other channels, I probably won't watch those as I generally want to stick to one series to see how that specifically has progressed (plan on starting with Tom and Jerry as that has the most significant changes, I think), and I feel if I start on something modern it'll be too hard to motivate myself to watch the older stuff....

Still, I DID watch a simple Mickey Cartoon from the fifties or so. One episode, and I actually enjoyed it a ton! Oddly enough though, the particular series I saw apparently had been rather unpopular (ever heard of George Geef? Yeah, that series. If you haven't, then just know he's probably the most unpopular Goofy incarnation as he.... isn't at all like Goofy.)

I plan on starting much earlier than the 50's, of course, but I won't go all the way to, say, Oswald. Those are fine, but I feel that'd take too long to get through that particular series of shorts...

Anyway, yeah, as for Nickelodeon, I don't plan on watching any of those, as I stopped watching that place in fifth grade.... so yeah.

Also, AzureEdge, I am fully aware of this, but that channel as far as I know won't be the best for finding everything that I want to see, I think... yeah.

Oh, and to people that don't want to do this challenge, PLEASE DON'T VOTE OTHER!!! It makes the results skewed.... and I'd like to have a good idea of what people who actually want to do this will do, so I can do that in the future. I see it's already happened but... oh well....

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PARTICIPATE, DON'T VOTE, IT'S A PRETTY SIMPLE CONCEPT!!! /annoying caps-lock-and-sort-of-jerkish-correction