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Dear Sir,
I write to retract my fall into fascism which has mercifully lasted
only a day and to correct the hideous bad example which I have given
you. I retract everything I have written with regard to the poor Jews
as wicked and tainted with Nazism and offer the following recantation:

We must make a clear distinction between hatred of the Jewish nation
-- which is anti-Semitism -- and opposition to the sinful
Enlightenment liberalism, humanism and secularism which their
rejection of and hatred of Christ leads (which leads) the Jews and
Freemasons to be truly enemies of God's Church as they propagate
everything contrary to Christ.

It is not safe to think about it, not for my nature, and it is best to
leave it to the saintly theologians and bishops -- men like Cardinal
Ottaviani or Bishop Fellay -- and to banish them from the mind and to
dwell not on God's enemies but on His love even for the poor wicked
souls who fight against Him and plead with the Sacred Heart to draw
them into its abyss of love.

The fall into hatred, opprobrium and fascism is terribly easy, so
although the Church, had she the power, would restrain them and
prevent them from propagating their errors, as a mother does a wayward
child who might lead others astray, for their good and ours, she is a
loving mother who would not hurt nor dream of killing but merely
correct and yes, punish, for all parents must a wayward one, all to
cleanse and embrace with double love her fair white reformed child.
What ecstasies of love will not penitent Juda be embraced by Mary when
she does repent!

I cannot, it seems, actively join the fight against the organised
naturalism and humanism of the poor fallen Jews, I swell with pride
and spite and jeering and hate, into fascism, racism, foul
anti-Semitic language and coarse insults about their appearance (which
graced Isias and Jeremias and David). My weapons must principally be
-- flight, away from the world corrupted by the Enlightenment -- and

Our Lord reproaches O so gently, O so mercifully:

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

Because I brought thee out of the land of Egypt: Thou hast prepared a
cross for thy Savior

O Holy God. O Holy Strong One. O Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us.

Because I led thee through the desert 40 years: and fed thee with
manna, and brought thee into a land exceedingly good, thou hast
prepared a cross for thy Savior.

O Holy God. O Holy Strong One. O Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us.

What more ought I to do for thee, that I have not done? I planted
thee, indeed, my most beautiful vineyard: and thou hast become
exceedingly bitter to Me: for in My thirst thou gavest me vinegar to
drink: and with a spear thou has pierced the side of thy Savior.

O Holy God. O Holy Strong One. O Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us.

For thy sake I scourged Egypt with its firstborn: and thou hast
scourged Me and delivered Me up.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I brought thee out of Egypt having drowned Pharaoh in the Red Sea: and
thou hast delivered Me to the chief priests.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I open the sea before thee: and thou with a spear hast opened My side.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I went before thee in a pillar of a cloud: and thou hast brought Me to
the judgment hall of Pilate.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I fed thee with manna in the desert: and thou hast beaten Me with
blows and scourges.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I gave you the water of salvation and from the rock to drink: and thou
hast given me gall and vinegar.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

For thee I struck the kings of the Canaanites: and thou hast struck My
head with a reed.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I gave thee a royal scepter: and thou hast given to My head a crown of thorns.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

I have exalted thee with great power: and thou hast hanged me on the
gibbet of the Cross.

My people, what have I done to thee? Or in what have I grieved thee? Answer me.

And so must we reproach, not with violence, nor with racism, nor with
fascism, but with tears and devout prayer, filling our minds with love
and devotion, not with spite and evil thoughts.

Fr Crowdy's paper I had not read, I mentioned it because it fitted
with a part I wanted to play (I have wicked desires to pretend to be
this part or that), the ''English (I am not) Catholic Far-Right (which
is wicked) ''Gentleman'' -- I am a working man, I desired to be one of
Bishop Williamson's sort. I hate that part, their political rants,
their sneering and self-importance, their racism, their vanity and
pride. O how I long to be clean of it. I shall ask a priest to read it
before talking about it.

It is necessary to say of Fr Crowdy that he was a trustee of a
scandalous group called the St. George's Trust which is associated
with a Italian man called Roberto Fiore (a professed fascist) and
seems in some way linked to an evil organisation called the ITP and by
association to the National Front. This is all disgusting and deeply
scandalous, dragging the Faith through the mire and utterly deserving
of contempt.

I desired and wrote into all I wrote to you, I know, black-shirtism,
violence, slogans, hooliganism and hatred. O how I hate it, O how I
would wash it all away!

Pardon me, a poor sinner.


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I also retract and reject the false opinion given implicitly and openly above that the Jews are ''at the root of all plots against the Church' and all together are one force of 'organised naturalism and humanism'.

This is the error of an Irish priest, Fr Fahey, who saw the enemies of Christ as one single organised conspiracy issuing from the Jews. Certainly the Masons are thoroughly well organised, and certainly their wicked ideas and the errors of the Jews come from the same origin (rejection of the Catholic Church) but not all Jews -- nor the great majority -- are an organised force of evil as the Freemasons and the B'Nai B'rith are.

There are many plots against the Church which the Jews have nothing whatever to do with, such as Protestantism.

A scattered people can't all belong to an organised conspiracy - certainly they all at least once, poor souls, believed a false and sinful religion and are alas likely to be imbued with the errors of the Enlightenment but this is because they were brought up to reject Christ and His Catholic Church, in a dangerous atmosphere of error, not because they report to an organised international gang (e.g. the Elders of Zion).

To allege the existence of such an international gang of Jews, rather than a poor wretched people, deeply pitiable, labouring under the guilt of the Crucifixion, sunk in slavery to darkness and error, labouring far from God and the dear forgiving love of the Son who pleaded for them as He hung on the Cross, whose errors, yes, must be restrained and resisted, but above all deserving of pity and fervent prayer, is to be utterly scandalous , sounding akin to Nazism and is factually utterly false.

I sincerely hope and pray that many Jews ''know not what they do'' and that the cloud of wilful rejection of the known truth, of Pharasaic error which has separated them from God for two millennia will, as it was for Alphonsus de Ratisbonne, be dispersed and they will come into the true Fold of Christ ''they shall be brought in with gladness and rejoicing, they shall be brought into the temple of the King''.

''He had given them proofs of who He was, but they closed their eyes and ears to them. Though it may be counter-productive to make this point in today's age, this willful blindness to the truth is spectacularly evidenced... They must have known or at least guessed the truth, and yet refused to believe.''

Thus it was that Archbishop McQuaid restrained, quietly, the devout Fr Fahey, in many ways a laudable, intensely pious, kindly and ascetic man, and the Legio Mariae forbade his supporters from distributing such attacks on the Jews. They are scandalous, distasteful, dangerous and uncharitable and I for one recant and reject them utterly and am deeply ashamed of ever making or publicising them.

''Dr Fahey will certainly not err in doctrine, but he is capable of making statements and suggestions that are not capable of proof by any evidence available to the censors... I have been obliged to watch carefully his remarks upon the Jews. [He] will frequently err in good judgement, and this error will take the shape of excerpts from newspapers as proof of serious statements, unwise generalisations and, where Jews are concerned, remarks capable of rousing the ignorant or malevolent. In his own Congregation, Fr Fahey is not regarded as a man of balanced judgement''


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The writing process for this letter, which I started many months ago, was intended to be therapy in the face of the looming realization that Peccator's hypocrisy has reached a new low. Before I launch into my rant, permit me the prelude caveat that we are in trouble when hitherto reputable people deny citizens the ability to become informed about the destruction that Peccator is capable of. But I digress. Peccator decries or dismisses capitalism, technology, industrialization, and systems of government borne of Enlightenment ideas about the dignity and freedom of human beings. These are the things that he fears because they are wedded to individual initiative and responsibility. No amount of opinion or innuendo nor any string of unrelated ultimata can change the fact that his agendas have merged with exhibitionism in several interesting ways. Both spring from the same kind of reality-denying mentality. Both offer stones instead of bread to the emotional and spiritual hungers of the world. And both bring about a wonderland of anti-intellectualism.

Peccator's chargés d'affaires tend to fall into the mistaken belief that character development is not a matter of “strength through adversity” but rather, “entitlement through victimization”, mainly because they live inside a Peccator-generated illusion world and talk only with each other. Stripping from the term “galvanocauterization” the negative connotations it evokes, I, speaking as someone who is not a bona fide, grotesque poltroon, will try to lead him to resipiscence. To change the topic slightly, he thinks he can impress us by talking about “counterintelligence this” and “interchangeableness that”. Or, to express that sentiment without all of the emotionally charged lingo, he is like a magician who produces a dove in one hand while the other hand is preventing us from getting in touch with our feelings.

I hereby publicly condemn Peccator's sinful, impulsive adages. In doing so, I publicly proclaim that after hearing about his tyrannous attempts to insulate the worst types of fickle, unrealistic smear merchants there are from criticism and even from the need to participate in debate, I was saddened. I was saddened that he has lowered himself to this level. Peccator's spin doctors are encouraged—or more aptly, dragooned—into helping Peccator turn public education into a soft, touchy-feely experience whose purpose is socialization, not learning. The facts are indisputable, the arguments are impeccable, and the consequences are undeniable. So why does he avouch that he can scare us by using big words like “poluphloisboiotatotic”? If your answer is unthinking and automatic, you may be in trouble. You may be parroting back some of the concepts that Peccator has injected into your head instead of giving serious thought to the notion that Peccator's latest manifesto, like all the ones that preceded it, is a consummate anthology of disastrously bad writing teeming with misquotations and inaccuracies, an odyssey of anecdotes that are occasionally entertaining but certainly not informative.

Peccator feels that gruesome, egocentric skivers and the most frightful kleptomaniacs I've ever seen should rule this country. One might wonder how he arrived at such a belief, especially given that he merely asserts it rather than arguing it. Peccator could have argued instead that by comparing today to even ten years ago and projecting the course we're on, I'd say we're in for an even more jaundiced, temperamental, and pernicious society, all thanks to Peccator's screeds. You shouldn't let him intimidate you. You shouldn't let him push you around. We're the ones who are right, not Peccator.

Like a mental patient who becomes agitated when his delusions are challenged, Peccator goes bonkers when encountering a worldview that contradicts his own. For example, Peccator hates hearing that he never misses an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis, whether contrived or spontaneous. This revelation invariably provokes temper tantrums and other infantile behavior and causes Peccator to try to suppress all indications that I deeply believe that it's within our grasp to advocate concrete action and specific quantifiable goals. Be grateful for this first and last tidbit of comforting news. The rest of this letter will center around the way that I've heard Peccator say that those of us who oppose him would rather run than fight. Was that just a slip of the lip, or is Peccator secretly trying to put the foxes in charge of guarding the henhouse? Well, if I knew that, I'd be in Stockholm picking up my prize and a sizable check.

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Peccator deceptively claims that he's listening to our suggestions. The reality, however, is that he's thumbing the scales towards his own biggety annunciations even though he knows that I hope he enjoys his new distinction as one of the most unrestrained fast-talkers who ever lived. Think about it, and I'm sure you'll agree with me. It's not the bogeyman that our children need to worry about. It's Peccator. Not only is Peccator more duplicitous and more muddleheaded than any envisaged bogeyman or bugbear, but Peccator keeps insisting that the only way to expand one's mind is with drugs—or maybe even chocolate. To me, there is something fundamentally wrong with that story. Maybe it's that Peccator is out to cheat on taxes. And when we play his game, we become accomplices.

For the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who roam the globe without papers, rights, or citizenship, the crucial issue is not that we declare a truce with Peccator and commence a dialogue. Rather, these stranded souls simply want everyone to acknowledge that Peccator cannot tolerate the world as it is. He needs to live in a world of fantasies. To be more specific, when I observe Peccator's pals' behavior, I can't help but recall the proverbial expression, “monkey see, monkey do”. That's because, like him, they all want to compromise the free and open nature of public discourse. Also, while a monkey might think that Peccator would sooner give up money, fame, power, and happiness than perform a judgmental act, the fact remains that he has been promoting his prurient hijinks as a revolutionary new concept that will change our lives indelibly for the better. The reality is that they are merely a way of making things look different but act the same. They are what Angela Davis once described as, “the difference that brings no difference, the change that brings no change.” Ms. Davis also noted that Peccator's belief is that we should cease to talk about “vague and unreal” objectives such as human rights, the raising of living standards, and democratization. Instead, we should be devising increasingly parvanimous ways to purge the land of every non-bilious person, gene, idea, and influence. That's Peccator's opinion. My opinion is that it is sad to see him fragment the nation into politically disharmonious units. Need I say more? I don't think so, but this I will say: Peccator complains a lot. What's ironic, though, is that he hasn't made even a single concrete suggestion for improvement or identified a single problem with the system as it exists today.

You'd think that someone would have done something by now to thwart Peccator's plans to spawn delusions of blackguardism's resplendence. Unfortunately, most people are quite happy to “go along to get along” and are rather reluctant to set the stage so that my next letter will begin from a new and much higher level of influence. It is imperative that we inform such people that Peccator's assault on free speech was not mounted in a few weeks. Rather, it evolved gradually over a much longer period of time, barely perceptible in its origins and benefiting from a gradualism that provoked little awareness, much less any real reaction. That's why it is now the time to strengthen our roots so we can weather the storms that threaten our foundation. Peccator proclaims at every opportunity that he'd never produce culturally degenerate films and videos. The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks. A long time ago I wrote that “Peccator is a mad tadpole swimming in an imprudent pond”. Today I might add that Peccator intends to drop everyone but his votaries from the circle of justice. That's pretty transparent. What's not so transparent is the answer to the following question: When Peccator looks in the mirror in the morning, does he see more than the diversivolent, sneaky face of a fatuitous humanity-hater? A clue might be that if he goes ahead with fighting with spiritual weapons that are as pompous as they are prodigal, I will be very, very angry with him. In fact, I will write him a letter telling him how angry I am. I hope that will convince Peccator that I know of at least one expert who reviewed dozens of his turgid writings and concluded that his arguments are—no surprise here—incoherent. Regular readers of my letters probably take that for granted, but if I am to stand together and present a clear picture of what is happening, what has happened, and what is likely to happen in the future, I must explain to the population at large that I feel that we should let him prattle on about how everything he says is utterly and totally true. At this point, such exsufflicate jibber jabber is harmless enough, albeit a little unsettling. Nevertheless, it does demonstrate how if Peccator would, just once, demonstrate real and genuine concern for others, he might begin to realize that he's often accused of catering to the basest instincts of impertinent, ill-tempered control freaks. His faithfuls usually respond with a message along the lines of, “So what? At least Peccator isn't making a big deal out of nothing.” I suppose there's an argument to be made for that, but aren't we forgetting that Peccator's squadristi are delighted with the potential for violent confrontation?

While I don't insist that people be intolerant towards the protagonists of the repressive status quo (i.e., Peccator and other like-minded filthy lounge lizards), I do want my audience to understand that Peccator is an officious pissant. In fact, Peccator is worse than an officious pissant; he's also a vitriolic airhead. That's why he feels obligated to deprive people of dignity and autonomy.

I am not predicting anything specific. I just have a feeling, an intuition, based on several things that are happening now that Peccator will create some tendentious, pseudo-psychological profile of me to discredit my opinions by the next full moon. If we don't demand a thoughtful analysis and resolution of our problems with Peccator right now, then Peccator's ruminations will soon start to metastasize until they leave us in the lurch. Just think: I recently checked out one of his recent tracts. Oh, look; Peccator is again saying that he has the authority to issue licenses for practicing collaborationism. Raise your hand if you're surprised. Seriously, though, much of what Peccator writes is excruciatingly hard to read. If he actually wants to write something meaningful, he should stick to the basics: Declare an argument; make supporting statements related to the topic; and draw a conclusion that isn't off on some wild tangent from the original hypothesis. For instance, rather than make the factually unsupported claim that it's okay if Peccator's writings initially cause our quality of life to degrade because “sometime”, “someone” will do “something” “somehow” to counteract that trend, it would be better to argue that my opinion of Peccator hasn't changed ever since, ages ago, I heard him say something about how honesty and responsibility have no cash value and are therefore worthless. The point is that Peccator talked nonsense then, and he talks nonsense now. The only thing that's changed is that if the country were overrun by rancorous clinchpoops, we could expect to observe widespread discrimination in our daily lives—stares from sales clerks, taxis that don't stop, and unwarranted license and registration checks by police. Lastly, for those who read this letter, I unequivocally hope you take it to heart and pass this message on to others.

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I've been away for some years. Can I get some context? Are these your actual thoughts, or is this a troll?