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About Me

∞ *WARNING* ∞ This following page is ∞ SchmuckBait ∞.

I'm that guy from the old site whose messages are voiced by ∞ Morgan Freeman ∞.
Haaki is also a ∞ Stegosaurus ∞. Together, ∞ We Fight Crime ∞.

WhoamI is the founder of the O-BRO2. They are different from the O-Boys in the VERY IMPORTANT distinction that rather than just not wanting orbs, they do not want orbs displayed next to people's names.
  Spoiler for Members of the O-BRO2:

This WhoamI account is actually the second WhoamI account to grace Fig Hunter, and thus can be known as WhoamI, WhoamII, or Whoam Part II: Battle Tendency.

WhoamI is the founder of Will Alvein ism. You can check out Falcon's page for more info. (I'm not lazy, he just had all that first okay.)

WhoamI used to be a pretty prominent member of Fig Hunter, but that is no longer the case. As time changes, so do the general type of members that come through this site. Holy damn, this sounds like it's going to go in a pretentious direction. I should probably delete this. What am I doing still typing.

WhoamI is apparently a 5w4, but is possibly a 6w5. He doesn't think so as much for that, as the description for a 6 doesn't resonate with him as strongly as those for 5 and 4 do, but he guesses it's a possibility. Here are the results things. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, maybe?! Also some time ago, WhoamI did other Enneagram test things and got 5w4 from those, but there is no proof of that happening. Alas.
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WhoamI is also a hypocrite, so yeah.

Hey, you know that joke you have about my name? You're the 50th person to use it.

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Joined Fig Hunter on February 13th, 2008.


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Why do you hate good fanfiction? :o I can understand if you dislike fanfiction in general, but isn't good fanfiction, by definition, good? This contradiction perplexes me.

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WhoamI 24 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic INTP 529 29C
Of the merits of fanfiction shall I now speak, that the 'best' of fanfiction is simply lacking in literary merit. It takes perfectly good characters that were developed with a professional sense in mind, and turns it into mindless drivel that the masses lap up like dogs. They praise it as the paragon of literature, when what they have really done is just completely destroyed perfectly good characters that the creator spent long manhours and mandollars on. Oh wait, I began this with, 'merit,' didn't I. Whoops. Guess we all just found out there really isn't any!

Anyway, this comment is just a joke, and I kind of put that interest on dislike also a sort of joke and also part truth. I just dislike fanfiction, and extended that (probably fallaciously) to even good fanficton.

Alternatively, I could be a really angry fellow who just hates everything that is good!

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M β DeNovo 30 United States MelancholicSanguine INTP 5w4 69C
Mihowa! I never knew you were from New Zealand! Are you by some chance related to the nice Mihowa from the United States?

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WhoamI 24 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic INTP 529 29C
Hi DeNovo! I'm not really from New Zealand. Nor am I quite 18. But, uh, I am the same Who as the one in the United States. Basically, what happened was Destruction accidentally made a second account (which is why it says I'm 18 and from New Zealand). Then, from what I hear, he had Pseudo change the second account's name to WhoamI. So, uh, now I have it, and that is why this account says all these inaccurate things about me, and why I am the same Who despite the location and sudden age change!

-EDIT- Pseudo changed the account information, so it's accurate now!