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About Me

Hello. I am a 16-year-old male living in the United States. Apparently, person who is reading this, you desire some information about me, which I will be happy to provide you with. This information will consist of a paragraph or two on various aspects of my personality, in a random order.

Theory vs. applications

I have a very abstract mindset; that is, I am much more inclined to impractical pursuits than practical ones. Therefore, I am much more likely to prove some obscure theorem in mathematics than to design a bridge, or anything like that. I will never cure cancer, despite what my elementary school teachers kept telling me.

Attitude toward others

I attempt to act in the best interests of others. However, sadly, this does not imply that they do not annoy me completely. They do. In my life, the only people who I have seen talking about anything deep or interesting are me, my mother, and some of the people on this site. Everyone else I have met seems annoyingly shallow and more likely to talk about the latest sporting event or celebrity goof than anything meaningful. I am sure that some are, like me, desperately seeking real, meaningful discussion, but feel awkward talking about that in public due to the general superficiality of the discourse there. I just wish there was an easier way to find them.


In my life at the moment, romance mostly serves to annoy me. I am constantly afraid, when talking to a female, that I am secretly in love with them, and that it will betray itself quickly, immediately ending any chance of friendship. This usually manifests itself as blushing, which is exactly what I am trying to avoid. Eventually, if I ever found a female who I had a deep friendship with and that female was interested in a romantic relationship, I would probably say yes. However, I do not see that happening in the near future.

Asperger's Syndrome

As you may have noticed, I have relatively mild Asperger's Syndrome. This contributes somewhat to my tendency to startle at small sounds or light touch, as well as my lack of that natural talent for understanding various social rules that others seem to have, in addition to my aversion to change. It also contributes to the dynamics of my interactions at school. In kindergarten, I hardly noticed the other children and almost all my social energies were directed at making the teacher like me and worrying about whether they did. This continues to this day. If I break any social rules or seem aloof and uncaring, I am probably not trying to.


As far as academics, I am interested in mathematics, science, and history (as you could easily see if you looked elsewhere on my profile). As far as mathematics, I love the sheer beauty of it, as well as the surprising depth that can come from such simple beginnings. I love science for much the same reasons; I love exploring and learning all that I can about the natural world. However, I do not enjoy the practical, 'engineering' aspects of science. I would much rather determine how the universe began than determine the most optimal locations for water pumps in a plumbing system. History fascinates me because of analyzing the causes of historical events (that is, I am not one of those people who goes around collecting guns that were used in World War II or visiting historical sites.)

How I spend my time

I spend most of my free time playing boring, pointless flash games. It really doesn't fit my personality. However, books affect me so powerfully that I cannot really read them without putting myself in danger of being depressed for days. I would love to find more real games, but it seems most flash developers ( A β Pseudolonewolf is a notable exception) seem to make little pointless games and I am unsure how to approach other types of games. It seems, however, that that may be changing. After making a lovely thread on this site, I have several potential games that will hopefully offer more meaningful experiences.


Both my mother and father are christian, but in different ways. My father seems to have a view of God as an entity that made the world and watches it. He also believes in Santa Claus and 'the magic of Christmas'. My mother frames most of her life in terms of God and views him as an active participant in daily life. She puts most important decisions in her life for him to decide. When I was a young child, I was taught that God exists and accepted it without question. As I grew older, however, I began to think about whether God was really necessary. I saw more and more people believing that they had seen aliens, ghosts and the like. I could not accept that these stories were true, or that so many people were evil enough to engage in conscious deception. There was no more scientific support for God than there was for these things. In short, I became an atheist. Ultimately, it was my mother's example that changed my perspective. She used religion to motivate her actions and it seemed to work well. I ultimately adopted the position I have now.

I believe in God for the same reason I believe in cows. I have never seen a cow, and there is no deep, philosophical reason that they exist (after all, they could be an invention of advertisers to sell more milk, aliens in mechanical suits, or a hallucination caused by the fact that my school lunches are laced with heroin). However, it is much easier to describe the world in terms of cows existing than in terms of them not existing. For me, at least, the same is true with God. Thus, I use religion as a tool to order my life.

I also am not one of the stereotypical religions fanatics who believe that belief in their particular god is necessary for others to go to their particular heavenly paradise. In my opinion, it is much more important to be a kind, good person than to have certain philosophical beliefs about abstract entities that may or may not exist. I use religion as a tool to help me achieve that goal, not as a goal in itself.

Online interactions

I am constantly afraid of what other people will think of me online, partly because their only clue to my personality is what I type, without having the benefit of tone of voice and body language. It seems some people actually have lowered inhibitions online, which completely baffles me.

This marks the end of the random paragraphs about aspects of my personality

Well, there it is. If you, person who is reading this, made it through this bio, I am genuinely impressed. If you did not, and want a summary, I am a person with opinions on things. Hopefully reading this has enhanced your life somehow. I will probably add more when I feel like it (like this! I bet this wasn't here the last time you read my bio, was it?). Goodbye.





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I couldn't help but notice your screen name, "Bacteriophage", and was wondering what made you choose it? Is that a subject of interest to you?

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Bacteriophage 22 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 5w4 93C
Well, when I chose my Kongregate account name, I wanted something that actually meant something. Since I was in the middle of reading a biology textbook at the time, that was what I chose.

However, viruses in general have always been of interest to me. It is fascinating how nonliving pieces of DNA or RNA encased in protein can cause a cell's own machinery to destroy itself and that despite the fact that everything a virus "does" is done by the cell itself, life has never evolved a complete resistance to them. It is as if humans were so stupid that every time they got a chain letter, they spent the rest of their life writing copies and sending them to their friends without eating, drinking, or sleeping until they died of dehydration. It is also interesting that a viruses can actually have unexpected benefits to life, serving to transfer genes between individuals (this effect is much more prevalent in bacterial communities) and increase the overall genetic diversity of the species, and thus its adaptability.

I have no special interest in bacteriophages, though. But "virus" sounds rather boring, and can easily be mistaken for the computer kind.