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Just a normal student... Well I don't really know what to put here... Cause I'm not that normal. Actually, I don't think many people of my age like programming stuff and playing chess. I like manga and anime too (well, I don't know much of these, but I like the ones I know). I suppose I'm some kind of geek...But I'm not staying that long on my computer, so I don't know. Actually I am not extremely special... So I don't know exactly what kind of guy I am. But that's not important! I like poetry and I write some poems myself. I like origami too, and maths, and theater, and drawing, and physics, and some other stuff (I'll let you know that you just avoided an enumeration that could have taken quite some time...) I'm having the normal doubts about what career I should choose.

About my personnality: I am extremely shy, I never show my emotions, even if I am extremely sensitive. I am a loner, I don't feel at ease in a crowd, and I like to think alone. I am very generous, because I like to make people happy. Fairness is extremely important to me. I also have a very low self-esteem, even if people sometime even tell me I'm a genius (which I find completely wrong, of course), but that low self-esteem has some advantages, as it allows me to permanently get better, so I think of it as a quality, as long as it doesn't show too much.
I rarely say anything that could show my feelings, as I tend to think that people would laugh at me because of my extremely exagerated reactions to everything (To take a simple exemple: I take any mistake I make in my relations with others as a tragedy. And I can beat myself over it for a veeery long time). It also seems I have almost no capacity to get angry or anything like that. I tend to be nice and help anyone I can.
And that's all.

And now, random stuff from the chat:
babs64 said:
The chat then died, returning to the darkness it came from. Its omnipresent absence alerted a higher being, which slowly turned its eyes upon this small world. The chatfish had returned

∞ LINK ∞

Frostblade said:
The chat cannot take my presence due to ALL MY MAJESTIC PRINCESSNESS.

∞ LINK ∞ A sad skate, originally posted by Oni

!!  Lathiel said:
By order of the goddess of love (me), you shall cease these meaningless activities and please me!!1!1!

How to summon Frost:
Cipherfalcon said:
-summons Frost, with a giant penguin and a magical man's cape-

XXXXZ said:
Most problems will go away if you stab them enough and then hide the body, probably.

Nerosro: Live a day in Mania's shoes
Nerosro: Nobody would be able to survive that
Corelis: Those are shoes I dare not touch with a five-foot stick.
Nerosro: XD

I'll add some other stuff later, maybe

Now, let me explain why I won't be here in a while: I just started some of the studies that are considered the hardest that exist here in France. These consist in two years spent on learning to try to pass exams to enter engineering schools. Some often exaggerate saying we never see the sunlight. That's not true, obviously, we can see it through our windows. More seriously though, we have 32 hours of class, and to be sure to have some correct grades, we must work something around 32 hours a week. With that plus all the daily stuff I must do, I merely have one day to do something else. So, yes, do not expect to see me very often here (if anyone cares... :P)
I'm not on this site anymore, but you can still find me on skype:

You can also find me on fallen fig:


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