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So for some reason I appear to be having a SKYPE account... Yesth me, one of the few people who detests social media and values privacy more than anything else... I'm not going to give it just here so that everyone can bother me on it, but if you want to add me, just ask for it. (You might not get it though).

My Deviant account for those who are interested... : ∞ LINK ∞ .

I'm a starting game maker ∞ LINK ∞ even though it is an enhanced tutorial pong game, it still works and can be enjoyed, so enjoy.
More to enjoy is this overgrown ∞ Elemental Healthbar ∞, Fight with a random character against a random opponent. It isn't that hard to win, I'll be adding difficulty soon.

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Talking about Game making... ∞ Here ∞ is a simple .txt file in which people can create a Character and I'll might even use it in one of the games. But please... Follow the rules and all the things I took my time for writing. Files that are just made for fun won't be taken and will be discarded immediately.
[If you have Dropbox, download the file, fill it in, put the filled in file in the public folder and send me the public link, makes it easier for all of us to deal with this sharing stuff and such]

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Recently I've decided to write down some of my dreams, why? Well not because I believe in any dream science, if that's what you're thinking.
I do so :
1) To keep enjoying them even after they have faded from my memory.
2) To test my memory (I write them down after 5-6 hours).
3) To sort them out, analyzing them in my own way.
4) Because the things I dream are really weird.

Why are my dreams weird you want to know?
In one of my dreams I did had a grave wound on my head, obviously this needed to get stitched,
and it seemed like I really felt the needle and thread pulling my skin up each time it went trough.
I woke up having a headache, but how would you be.
Important to know is that I never had a wound bad enough that it needed to get stitched while I was conscious.
So how would I know how that experience would feel like? I don't know, that's part of why I'm writing them down.
From another dream I woke up finding myself crying, for several minutes I cried that morning, and I it's really hard to get me so far that I would start crying.

The dreams I write down are usually this type of dream, they are different from my other dreams.

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RomadE 21 United States INTP 541 30C
Hello, I am RomadE. Pleased to meet you ^_^

Your dreams seem a bit unusual, but not bad ^^;
I would like to know a bit more about your dreams, if that's okay with you ^^

PS: I DID get stitches while conscious at some point in my life

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Happy birthday! I have some more advice for you as a present.

This is extremely important as it protect you from harm in most if not all ways and makes your aura stronger, which is necessary to perform powerful magic. It can be done when you have learned to invoke energy, Which is learned by inhaling while willing the entire body to absorb energy, you should feel the energy filling you, it can be reversed by exhaling and willing the body to expel energy, it can be tiring to do that, but it is necessary to do basic white magic.

Clean your soul first, to ensure that the working succeeds and to remove any spiritual filth. Start invoking white-gold(the most powerful color)energy into your aura while affirming(Commanding yourself and the energy) "I am breathing in powerful protective energy. This energy is building an aura of protection around me. This aura protects me at all times in every way." Five times for five inhalations, afterwards just focus on seeing and feeling the energy, making it brighter(more intense, not lighter) and more powerful with each breath.

When your aura and the energy is programmed you can do the affirmation two-three times and then just focus on empowering your aura.

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Also a thank you for the advice. I'll try it as soon as I have some spare time.
It would be nice if I it works on my birthday.

I'll ask you some other things when I have new questions

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Mages who rely on scriptures are like artists that rely on computer programs, they require augmentation because they are lacking.