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Nothing too fancy or spectacular 'bout myself here, but there are some nice insights as to who I am as an individual, and as a person that expresses himslef freely. Apart from my random ramblings, I tend to be very literate, and like to stay well-organized with my thoughts. Alas, this goes without saying that, at the very creamy and jelly-filled core of my being, I am someone who finds immense joy in thinking creatively, both with my conversation and my ideas. Although, I guess someone with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) such as myself would be like that. Anyway, I like to think and express myself in a sort of "Yin-Yang" type scenario; jumping back and forth between being logical, intellectual and clever...to a more, oh how do I put this, "crazy (but fun)" type of person. Some of the people I interact with seem to like it! Although, I just want to let people choose for themselves whether or not i'm thier kinda' dude. Moving on...jeez, what should I talk about next? My beliefs...? No, too mundane. My political standpoints on contemporary and important topics? No, no, no...who likes politics other than me anyway?! Ah! I got it...my pass-times...yeah! Well, as a matter of fact, I am an artist! Yes, surprising or unsurprising as it may be, I am of the visually expressive kin...or some other nonsense. I don't really publish much of my art online, despite my deep desire to do so for years now. I guess I haven't had the time or the energy, what with school, worldly commitments, emotional ups & downs....you fellow readers probably get the point. Alas, I forge on! My skills have been on a rather sharp increase lately, which makes me a very happy monkey. To tell you folks out there the truth, I was practically born with a pad n' pencil in hand...I have been illustrating my thoughts and feelings for as long as I can remember. While on the topic of thoughts and feelings (and drawing), the art that I produce has been almost a tether for me to the real world. My art--my passion, has kept me grounded on many occasions, and I don't know if I would be who I truly am today without it. But, that is a story for another day...oh, look at the imaginary time -INSERT GENERIC TIME FRAME HERE-, well I guess i've bent your ears enough for now. Go along, run off and do great things, as I always say. Be yourself, and the world will welcome you.

From my sincere heart to yours,

-Chase "HamBone"

I'm debating whether I want to update this from time to time with some ineresting snippets of this, that, and the next thing or not...oh well. I do have some poetry if ANYONE is interested, but, who knows? I will probably just stew over the decision for a while until I just do it anyway out of sheer desire not to be uncertain about the whole thing. If anyone really wants it for one reason or another (which you totally don't have to tell me about if you don't want to), I could put up my own poetry and maybe a requested couple if people are so inclined. In retrospect, these last couple of sentances HAVE been update material. Well, that wasn't so hard after all. CURSE YOU CHASE AND YOUR INDECISIVENESS!!1!1 Ugh...i'm just gonna go take a nap and think this over for a spell.

Well, i've been thinkin', and I have decided to actually try to put up some poetry here. Alas, I won't go full-throttle immediately, and I will only start off with one or two short poems to get myself, and others aquainted. From there, if people read them, comment, PM me, tell me straight-up or whatever that they want to see more...THEN I will put up some more, and probably even dust off the old notebook and write up some fresh pieces. So, without further ado, here's the first of hopefully many to come:


The window, glossy, clear as a chalice of diamond
Like a mirror to my consciousness
A door that leads to the soul
Outside, the world
What mysteries await past the thin transparent veil that is its skin made of glass?
My mind wanders,
Another day passes as I merely think of what could be, rather than seizing what CAN be
The window taunts me with its glass skin veil
How I long to know
What lies beyond
The window

Tell me what you guys think! Your voices matter to me! If you want more, tell me. If I should stop while i'm ahead, and I never had a chance at writing poetry, even if I were Edgar Allan Poes' son, then TELL ME YOU HEARTLESS FIENDS!!! I truly hope that I can do more, because I just love doin' this stuff. So, whatever way you can, tell me what you think. I value any and all comments, and i'm always looking for constructive criticism to aid me in honing my poetry skills!

-July 19, 2014-

Well, i've decided that it would be a good idea to update this thing from time to time with dates so that both readers, and I, can keep track of my progress as a fellow fig-ian. Lately, not much has been going on...although I have started doing Roleplay after a solid 3 year absence. Along with Brock and AzureEdge, I have participated (quite enjoyably!) in a couple stories. From what little I have done, I still manage to keep the rust off, so to speak, and I can still make a pretty decent set of characters and traits on the fly. Thus far, i've been having a ton of fun with the whole thing, and I hope that I can continue to do so with those two, and other fellow fillers-of-roles! Moving on...oh, the poetry...yes. I unfortunately haven't heard from anyone yet as to whether people want more poetry or not. Because of this, I have decided to expand a little, as I feel i'm not getting quite enough coverage with the lone poem above. So, fellow readers and lost souls, expect another poem soon! I truly, TRULY hope I can get some traction with this, as I reeeaaaally get a charge outta' making poetry for others, as well as for myself on an occasional whim. So, I ask of you guys this: if you like my poetry (and be honest...if you don't like it, tell me!), then contact me any way you feel comfortable doing so. Tell me what'cha think, and if you want it, tell me to do some more! I take requests, can do multiple forms of poem (e.g haiku, ode, etc.), and I simply wanna hear if people like my work. Anyway, that's my shtick...you can take it or leave it, it's all up to you. But, in any event, expect more poems from me in the future. And with a final thank you to anyone who stumbled upon another one of my ramblings and thought: "This looks cool! Maybe i'll take a gander at it for a spell!"...I bid you all...farewell!

-Chase "HamBone"

-July 28, 2014-

Hello once again, fellow comrades! It's Chase here, coming at'cha with yet another fabulous update. The time has come!...and that time is the time for another poem! -Lightning crashes off in the distance!- Oh yes...I have taken the liberty to leaf through some of my old poems for something interesting to post up here. Additionally, I gave my hands some exercise and wrote a couple new poems. I still got it! This one'll be a bit short...and lighthearted. Sorry to those people out there that may have been awaiting a serious or meaningful poem! I simply like to express whatever emotion prevails over me for a day...if I write about being morose one day, I most likely won't hang onto that feeling for the next day...unless of course i'm in a rather amazing or dreadful mood, in which case I might make more emotional tangents that carry with them specific feelings. Oh, look at me...i'm trailing off course yet again! No matter. So, without further delay, here is the latest poem:

-Haiku Troubles-

Haikus are difficult
Syllables stump me every time
Think I have one extra

T-da!!1! A joking homage to my first experiences with haikus. In my very early beginnings of poetry, years full of extra syllables went by without anyone telling me that it was 5, then 7, then 5. I tend to like the 6/8/6 syllable format that I stumbled upon by accident rather than the seemingly constricted 5/7/5 version. But, on the other hand, I was quite an odd child...and still am! Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoyed that. Once again, you guys know the drill: tell me all you have to say about my poetry! Until I get some sort of feedback, whether it be good or bad, i'll try my hand at putting out one or two poems a month. If you folks out there want more, i'll start firing up my creative juices for more frequent poems! If the prevailing opinion is negative...well...i'll keep doing it, but not here...or maybe the people that don't like it could, oh idunno, not read it? Anyway, I hope that won't be the case. Actually, at this point, I just want some sort of tug on the line! I want people to read and tell me about my work. It is an artist's desire to know how his work fares in the eyes of the public, no? Well, as usual, I thank you all sincerely for reading, and remember: don't feed the wildlife!

-Chase "HamBone"

-August 7, 2014-

Huzza! I've now officially got an up-and-running Devaintart page! WITH ART!!1!1 You can find it here: ∞ LINK ∞ I actively draw and make stuff, so when I do something quite nice, i'll post it up there for all to see! Additionally, for anyone on here that sees that stuff, and feels that they are in a talkative mood, contact me about my art! Same thing as the poetry: I want to hear from you folks...whatever you have to say (within reason, of course). Give me feedback. Tell me i'm good. Tell me my stuff stinks! Ask for pointers. Give me some pointers. Talk to me. I want all that you can say to me! I'm an avid artist, and avid artists need critique...at least, last I checked. Anyway, art! Internet! Feedback request! Accessibility! As you may have already guessed, I am ecstatic about finally getting my art out into the interwebs for the public to see! So, if you're interested and have a spare five minutes, check out my page...and as always, thank you so very much for reading, and ta-ta.

-Chase "HamBone"


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Hambone. You have been here for less than a week?
I hope you can have fun on this community. Have a good time!

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Thanks Cam, and i'm sure i'll make the best use of my time here! thanks for the warm welcome, and I hope to see ya' round.