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Hi im Torniquett or Josh, its up to you. So this is ment to be about me but im not that intresting :( still i suppose i should but somthing so here goes.

My names josh, a very common name so when other joshes are around i just get refaired to as badger. Not as an insult or anything, i just have a thing for black and white animals and so on the bus ride home i decided randomly on badger. Im also gay, which is fun (hmmm dunno if that works but im sure you know what i mean). ive known i was gay since i was 13 but after witnessing the treatment of others who were open about their sexuality i decided that high school wasnt the place to 'come out' so i was pritty much 'stealth gay' and only started telling people in the first year of college. But because of the high school bullies i suffered from chronic depression from year 7 up to the end of my first year at college (thats 6 years).

Most people just consider me the 'emo in the corner' and just consider me an anti-social freak. but thats just because i put a high value on trust. Because of this i dont just talk to every randomer who starts talking to me. naturally im shy and tentative so i just try to escape or ignor them. It took about 6-9 months before i started to trust the people i happily call my best friends.

I am an 'ACTUAL' emo, which means that i have an emotional imbalance. Its not like im bi-polar or anything, but it means i slide into emotional pits quickly such as depression and that i often get overwhelmed by my emotions. As i said before im naturally tentative so im slow to open up and make friends (even as i type this im pretending no one will see it) it also means im very submissive. Unless im 100% sure about somthing i wont stand my ground and ill just submit. Aparently that makes me 'cute' and 'adorable' in the eyes of my boy friends (im not a hoe or anything im just going out with twins) and they think the way i always retreat is a great feature. I don't mind, they always stick up for me and defend me since i cant do it myself.

I also just finished college and am now unemployed. which the chances of me getting a job are slim. At college i did a BTEC-level 3 in advanced forensic science, the equivalent of three A levels. the course covered biology, entemology, pathology, toxicology, psycology, criminal psycology, forensic psycology, forensic fire investigation, advaced chemestry, balistics, advanced physics and science industry. Which is alot even over two years, but two months into the course they closed the forensic unit down to try save money. Even in light of this the course continued going. But now ive left theres no forensic units to work for and the only science jobs going is pollution science, the one thing i didnt learn, and teaching primary school science. I can see that going well, "Today kids im going to teach you how to murder some one and get away with it, dont forget to do your extra homework". Now i have lots of free time, some income and not alot of friends left since most went to universitys quite far away. So i spend alot of time with a small number of friends i made that all did A levels. Definutely puts my IQ to the test but because im submissive i never challange there points of view. When im not doing that im either playing game online or on my xbox 360, speding time with the twins or both. Of corse when im with the twins they both like to play some 'games' with me, which im perfectly happy with. Tho i wouldnt complain even if i wasnt.


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