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This needed an update so... I'm updating it today, as of Sunday, May 31st, 2015!


Hmm... well, I guess I should start with this stuffs, shouldn't I? Hello, I'm Brock Aaron Fillipitch, also known by the completely smart alias of 'Brock' on this site. The name is not at all based off of my original name, and thus scientists are often baffled as to who this mystery man truly is. Anyway, joking aside, yeah, my name is my username, and I keep it because I used the name when I first joined this site, and since I had built a reputation (albeit small) with this name as a user, I didn't want to abandon it. So if you were wondering if my name was at all based off of the Pokemon gym leader of Pewter city's name, I'm sorry, but it was plain coincidence that I have any sort of connection to said name.

Either way, I'm a 20 year old who has been on this site for about 4 to 5 years now, though I lost track after the fourth year, so I don't know if it's been EXACTLY five years yet or just awfully close. I joined around the time that Clarance was being just started... but I never ACTUALLY joined until development was pretty much done. Either way, that makes me having been here for a lot longer than a few of the users here, though I haven't been on anywhere near as long as users like TTophat, Mania, Wolf, or Onisuzume. They're OLD HAGS in terms of my time on this site! But enough on that... what's any 'interesting' about how I joined this site is that I didn't join it because of MARDEK or the community, I joined it because I'd just discovered the game 'Cyber Ortek Flier 2000-whatever'. I loved it as a kid, and wanted to find the community, and found it here. It is only AFTER that I played MARDEK and Deliverance and came to enjoy those games even more than the one mentioned.... so, in a sense, I've 'sort of' been here much longer than most people in that I've been following Pseudo's games for... I don't know how long!!!

But that's just about my 'site' life, which I may go over in detail a lot more in another part of this. As for my real life, I should mention it, just because this is an 'about me' part. As I said, I'm 20, and have been dealing with OCD, Aspergers syndrome and depression almost my entire life. Every time I think it's gone, it comes back and wrecks a part of my life in some form or another. In fact, it got so bad when I was in my junior year that I was held back from school due to instability and even worse still I went emo for a few weeks... that was a pleasant experience, I'll tell you! Still, I toughed out of it, and I'm in a good place now, so don't worry about any of that stuff, if you care about me at all from reading this!

As for my hobbies and interests, I spend most of my days writing, roleplaying, playing video games (mainly RPGs), and drawing fan-art but never posting the stuff anywhere. I also enjoy baseball, tennis, badminton, and basketball, along with eating and sleeping and chatting with my friends here, so there's that, yeah.

I'd include a dislikes list as well, but I don't feel like typing that at the moment because I'm lazy.


Current roleplay character pairs:
Arean and Eluca
Araki (deceased) and Nanami (deceased)
Baboo and Ashe/Shin (starts out Ashe, then switches to Shin, and then back to Ashe)
Vieg and Luna
Ayuta and Lessica
Olgar (deceased) and Vahti (deceased)
Malacanth (deceased) and Rena (deceased)

OTHER roleplay characters:


Warren: (My character, you know him)
Horace: A grey haired heavily armored knight of some sort. He has a sarissa (long spear) in his hands, and he has blue eyes and white skin.
Orin: A red haired samauri, he's the guy Baboo called 'meat chest' before, as his chest muscles are showing. He doesn't seem to be much like a samurai at all, rather the opposite...
Garrick: A long orange haired man, he has green leather armor and a ceremonial looking golden sword. He's kinda... no, REALLY... gay. Not in personality, but he's... into men. At the same time though, he's extremely insulting and annoying.
Augren: He's a black haired, blue garbed ninja, though he doesn't wear a hood. He has brown eyes, and uses dual katanas in battle. He claims to be a trader, though his fighting skills are well beyond the average 'trader'....
Olgar: A man with a HUGE axe slung across his back, but very little armor except for his lower section, where he wears some sort of kilt. This guys seems old, very old. However, he doesn't look weak at all either. He's seems like the 'serious, get it done' type.
Exis: (Field's character)

Eluca: A brown skinned female who appears to use a whip, she's not all that pretty, but she has lots of battle wounds, and seems rather versed in physical combat. Rather 'calm and collected', she only fights when she has to.
Princess Mana: A princess from a foreign kingdom in the east, she uses a bow and wears a pink kimono. Despite this, she's very skilled, and she is very good with magical stuff. She seems to be unsure of what to do, not sure if she's eager to be in this at all...
Luna: A paladin who uses a mace, she is actually very quiet and reserved, despite being quite physically balanced. She has brown hair and hazel eyes, and wears lighter green armor.
Alto: A woman who uses a scythe in combat, she seems to be very skilled at quick attacks, if she can land them. With very short hair, she seems very much a tomboy, though she seems to be hiding it..
Monica: A priestess of the western lands, she seems to focus most of her time on trying to figure out a way to help everyone rather than help herself get out of here...
Ryuuna: A woman with short blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, she doesn't wear much at all, though she covers up her parts enough to not make it disturbing. Despite her clothing, she's very 'tough' and 'driven', and doesn't seem hesitant to strike things down. She doesn't seem to have a weapon on her, so she's probably a monk.
Crystal: (crystalis's character!)

Baboo: They're a cute white... cat with blue ears and tuquoise ears. They seem to use a boomerang, green in color. It's hard to believe this tiny adorable thing is a contestant, but... well, he is, so there you go!

There's probably going to be WAY more info on the characters posted here later, but that's time consuming and I'm typing this at two in the morning, so it's hard to stay focused. Despite this, I know I have the info accurate at the moment, so yay for that! I'll also be posting things like where we are in the plot, character backstories, world lore, and other such things!!!


Daikaijuu Monogatari, a DQ/DW clone that never really got released outside Japan's shores. It's a great game and there's a ton of side stuff to do and even more party members to add customization! It's also got an EXTREMELY catchy ost, and that always helps! As for 'problems' with the game, there are several, including the plot being rather weak and the game being downright... weird... at times. I still recommend picking it up though.


(From lowest to highest on favorite game)

10) MARDEK RPG (Chapter 2, specifically)
9) Secret of Mana 2 (way better than 1)
8) Breath of Fire 4
7) Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
6) KOTOR 2
5) Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow/New Mystery of the Emblem (the GOOD sequel to the worst game in the series)
4) Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
3) Dragon Age: Origins
2) Breath of Fire 3
1) Suikoden II

This list is subject to change at any time!


Probably my best known ongoing joke on this site is that I have an evil clone named Brockis Meggedis. When he comes in the chat, I 'mysteriously leave', and then he'll rant about evil and such, because he's, well, evil. I'll finally admit it now that this is a joke that I devised to 'make fun of old JRPGs' as this idea is used a lot (Fire Emblem Awakening is a good example!). Still, I don't do it often, so if you're ever graced by Meggedis's presence, make sure to say hello! :D


91 Friends

2 Fans

on 3 Roots



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Brock i want to be a friend with you because it seems that you are a
good RPG player, but i don't know how to do that.

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Sure, go ahead! I'll make friends with anyone, if possible, and I'm glad you're asking me for help, I just hope I can be of help! Just tell me if you have any questions or anything!

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Oh thanks :D

by the way i found the option Friend i clicked Friend
but my name wasn't on your list of friends, it was on the list with fans, i don't understand this Site.

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It's fine. After all, this site is pretty much dead and everyone has gone over to AF now, Pseudo/Tobias's other site. You'll find me there more often, though I roleplay here since there isn't a roleplay room in Alora Fane.

And I accepted your friend request. In order for friend requests to process, the person on the other side must accept the request, otherwise it just states you as a 'fan' of the person.

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
Hey Brock, just to tell you but your last name, means to the sky in a greek dialect. Funny.

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Wow, and I never liked my last name. I guess I can like it a bit more now, though I've always been afraid of heights, coincidentally. Anyway, how are you doing anakin? Good I hope? My life has been less then spectacular, but at least it's not like it used to be. Anyway, this comment made me feel a lot better, thanks...

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
Sorry, I had to post something here because my PC went haywire and on my nintendo, I cannot post in chat.

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RavenTheFree 21 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 465 14C
Hey Brock, what's going on! I've been really inactive lately, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi, and let you know that I'm not dead.

I suppose I should say "Happy Holidays" if you're into that sort of thing; even though neither of us seem to be that into religion, it's still kind of nice to be wished well as the year draws to a close while everybody's celebrating good health and having parties, or something. So yes, good health, and I wish you the best in the next year! May the force--figs, I meant--be with you! :D

Well, I really stopped in to demand that you post some writing here so that we (it's not just me, hehe... I'm definitely not demanding that you post stuff for my *own* benefit!) can read it! I've been meaning to go on the old site and give you a critique of the last thing you put up, but I keep forgetting when I have time, and remembering when I'm absolutely loaded with homework! And I'm forcing myself not to procrastinate this year, which is rather miraculous!

So, uh, I hope you're doing well, and maybe I'll remember to be in chat more, or something! Yaaay! ^u^

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Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here! I'm glad to know that you aren't dead; I was really starting to worry.

Anyway, thanks for the greeting. It is really appreciated, and I could always use more room in my virtually vacant comment box. I've been stuck on what to write recently, so I've been sticking to Mardek and other games I like.

What did I put up on the archived site last? It's been so long that I've completely forgotten. But anyway, I haven't been loaded with homework because I've been missing school due to... complicated matters in my life that I don't really want to dig into. However, I am getting better.

I hope to see you in the chat sometime soon too! Thank you again for posting this. It made me feel a bit better.