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Hi there :D
I'm Stampede and I live in Malta! :D

I previously had a long rant about how much I hated Malta or something. Well, now I don't, that's hateful and depressing. Bad past-Stampy! I've actually begun to like Malta quite a bit. While the society isn't the best you could find, it's a nice quaint little island in the Mediterranean. Honestly, I'm not very sure I'd like to leave this place any more. Unless I want to get married. Still no gay marriage in Malta, but hey, no country is perfect, right?

My hobbies include playing video games, namely Final Fantasy, the Mardek series and other fantasy RPGs of the sort.
I also like theatre (particularly drama), and love being on stage.

My favourite Series/Anime:
- Tsubasa Chronicles
- Clannad
- School Rumble
- Doctor Who
- Torchwood
- How I met your mother
- Friends
- Once Upon a Time
- Glee
- Merlin

My favourite games:
- Most of the Shin Megami Tensei Series. Especially Persona 4.
- Final Fantasy (I-X)
- Warcraft
- Kingdom Hearts
- Fire Emblem
- Phoenix Wright
- 999

My favourite books:
- The Hunger Games
- The Mortal Instruments Series
- The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It's been quite a while now since my good friend The Wadge and I have joined Fig Hunter. Sadly, I'm not very active any more due to my Mock exams which are, well, important.

My Personality:
Woah, I must have been seriously depressed a few months ago when I wrote my bio. Huh.
Anyway, I'm quite an emotional person and do tend to have mood swings quite often. I have a happy-go-lucky, upbeat, fun loving sort of personality, but I know how to be serious when I need to be. I previously had very bad self-confidence issues, but I think I've gotten over them for the most part. While I'm generally a happy person, I am particularly unpleasant to be with when I'm sad. I get all mopey and whiny. Unfortunately, I'm also quite a vindictive person, and can bear a grudge for years if you seriously wrong me. Just ask The Wadge, I still won't let go about the time when I was asleep and he hijacked my computer and impersonated me in the FigChat! :P
Another bad thing is that if someone manages to get on my bad side, I make it quite difficult to get back to the good side. I love an occasional intelligent conversation but most of the times, I'm just a big ball of crazy.

My Temperaments:
I'm honestly not very sure about this any more. And I'm not sure I really want to label myself like this anyway. I find that when I was labelling myself with the temperament system, I wasn't really allowing myself to act any different to what classifies the temperament I used. I thought I was but I'm not too sure if that was just because of the most hormonal years of my puberty. Meh, I don't really care much for personality typing so much any more anyway.

My Religious Views:
I'm not very sure here either. I categorise as an atheist but I have a nagging feeling that there could be a higher power somewhere. I'm not sure if this is my mind talking, or if it's the several years of being brainwashed to be a catholic. I used to strongly believe in religion until I began to realise my sexuality. Then I started to constantly feel like I was evil or committing a sin just because of the people I felt attracted to. Eventually I noticed that religion was the source of my inner conflict, so I cut myself off from it completely. I feel so much better without it. It was only ever affecting my life negatively.

I have absolutely nothing against religion though. If you find that religion improves your life, then that's fantastic! Just please, don't try drag me into it. The only thing I don't like about religion is that people tend to use it to force their opinion onto others. I'm fine with you having a religion and I'm fine with you being proud of it too. But the moment you start telling me to change my life or I'll go to hell, I will criticise your religion and the lifestyle it makes you lead.

My Activity on this Website:
I'm afraid I've become very inactive here. Although I've become very attached to this website, and the people on it, I honestly don't think I'll be returning as an active member any time soon. This website has really helped me grow up as a person. I remember joining here as a scared, meek and shy 14 year-old. Now I'm 16, and my life and even my personality has changed and I am so much happier now. And I don't think I could have gotten where I am if it were not for this website. FigHunter and the people on it have really helped me figure out where I am in life and I'm sorry that I won't be here very often. I just can't find the interest to be here much any more.

So, that is pretty much anything and everything that anyone could possibly want to know about me (I think...). If anyone did bother to read this or has spoken to me before, feel free to leave a comment on my page. I'd love to get to know more people. ^_^

That's it so.... bye ^_^


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β Wanderer 24 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 512 288C
You haven't been particularly active recently! I hope everything's alright. We need to have a gay Gleekout in chat soon. ♥

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I know I haven't been very active lately, but no need to worry, I'm fine. I've been inactive because I've had a Musical Theatre Workshop all day for the past week, but my performance was last night and the workshop is now finished. If you care at all, we performed Grease! I've also lost a lot of free time this summer what with all the French and Maltese private lessons twice a week each and crystalicethorn's moving in with me. I hope I'll be able to become more active again, but I definitely won't be as active as I used to be.

Also, I would love to have a gay Gleekout soon! ♥

Thanks for taking the time to ask about me! :D

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β Wanderer 24 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 512 288C

Hey, Stömpy... I've been trying to catch you in chat for a while now. I hope that you're alright. Have you seen the first episode of Season 4 of Glee yet? I haven't seen Britney 2.0 (the second) yet. Don't open the spoiler if you haven't seen the first episode!

  Spoiler for The New Rachel:

Anyway, I really hope that you're alright. If you need a shoulder, you know where I am. Come and find me some time so that we can have a catch up and discuss everything like nattering old ladies. ♥

Also, the flaming gay perspective was entirely intentional. I will not apologize.

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I've seen both episodes. They were amazing. Since you haven't seen it I won't say anything about Britney 2.0 but in my opinion, the first episode was better. I loved Chasing Pavements. That was definitely the best song in that episode. I also loved Blaine singing It's Time, that was also done really well.

Anyway, I'm fine. I'm probably just blowing things out of proportion again, it might not be as bad as I think. I can't help but worry though. ^^'
I'll try be in chat later. Then we can have another G[ay]leekout. :P
The Wadge

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The Wadge 19 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 4w5 67C
Hello Ian!
Fancy seeing you here. You now exist in another website. See you sometime soon.